Friday, December 19, 2008

The views around here

The photos have the date they were taken on them...seems like it is nothing but gray skies around here. Wednesday was nothing but a sheet of ice everywhere, except late in the afternoon the main roads were a bit safer to drive on.

Right now, we are getting some rain and it seems to be melting some of the ice and snow, but it is supposed to get colder before morning so it is apt to be another sheet of ice. At least we don't have to get out in it, and my daughter don't go into work till later in the day. That is a good thing, cause normally she is leaving here between 5:30 and 6:00.

I did get presents wrapped today...I still need to do just a bit more shopping. I am not sure if I will try to get out tomorrow or not. I definitely will not go on the weekend. I won't go on the weekend unless it is absolutely necessary even in normal times.

Every year when I wrap presents, I cannot help but remember when we were kids...wrapping paper was not something we had in any large amount. If it comes right down to it, neither were presents. I don't remember if my brothers tried to take their paper off and save it, or if my mom and I just went through it and tried to save the best of it. But we did save wrapping paper from year to year to reuse.

And then there was the Christmas tree. I only remember my brother and I going to hunt the Christmas tree. Not Neal and George, but Robert. Though I am sure they were the ones that went when I was really young, I just don't remember it. Down where we were from, if a field had been cleared and not taken care of or cultivated, cedar trees would start growing at the drop of a hat. So our Christmas trees were cedar...seems like I remember having pine a time or two, but not real sure. Maybe Neal or George will tell me...

But when Mom would finally let us go get one, Robert and I would take off and the hunt was on. We had acres and acres to look on--all belonging to neighbors cause we didn't have any cedars on our property. (The neighbors didn't mind.) It really wasn't all that far to walk, but it would be by today's standards. Anyway, we would search and search till we found the perfect tree. Or as near perfect as we could get...I don't think we ever found a perfect one. But that was one of the highlights of the year for me. I think all we had for decorations was a few of the big colored lights, maybe some tinsel, and the silver garland, and a few bulbs. So these thoughts were going through my head part of the day.

Later, my little sewing friend, Kay, was over after school for a while. I don't so much try to teach her, unless she asks me specifically to show her something, but I do take her down to the sewing machines and let her just sew. She is content just to sew straight lines. Or to fold pieces of fabric and sew...just anything. Other times she wants to work on sewing squares together.

I know that is how my mom got me started sewing...she just showed me how to run the machine basically, and let me have at it. Of course, that was with a treadle sewing machine, so I feel just a little bit more security oriented with electric machines.

She found some old crochet needles 3 or 4 days ago, and has been so intrigued by them. I don't crochet; I do know how to make some stitches and at one time I half taught myself to read instructions, but was so slow at it I just decided I had enough hobbies anyway. So, Kay kept wanting to know how to use I showed her how to do chain stitching...then she decided she could do that with her hands alone. So that occupied her for a little while. I think though, that the sewing machines is going to be her one true love.

I do try to teach her little bits here and there, but I also like that she just enjoys sewing. I actually think if she keeps it up, she could really be an artist with the machines. Right now she has no fear.

I am gradually getting sleepy, so will go read a bit. Maybe a book, maybe blogs because I haven't had time to check on any of them today.


Neal said...

Rose, do you remember popping popcorn and stringing it up on a string and using it to go around the Christmas tree. We also went out and collected pine cones and painted them silver or gold. I think we did have pine trees a time or two but it was just about always a cedar tree.

The things I remember about Christmas are 1) We got out of school. :) 2) We usually got a few firecrackers 3) We got apples, oranges, and sometimes a coconut (all were such a treat) 4) We got candy and 5) We got a small present or two.

Rose said...

I had forgotten about the pine cones! I wrote about the firecrackers and apples and oranges another year, but I had also forgot about the coconut!

Leedra said...

We are all remembering Christmas' past, and they are not like today's Christmas, for sure.

I love what you are doing with the neighbor girl. You are giving her a lifetime memory at the least. But probably a lifetime hobby or maybe even job.

don said...

I like the pictures of the day...ah sunlight. We are snowed in here with a snowfall of 23.3 inches yesterday - a record for a 24 hour period. I enjoyed reading your comment and Neal's addition.

Tricia said...

Rose, I love your stories & my mom still saves the Christmas wrapping paper to this day - she just can't let it be thrown away - it's such a waste, she says!!! hehehe

You know, after reading Leedra's comment, I have to agree now - it really will be something little Kay will look back on & smile about! I can remember things like that as a child & it always puts a smile on my face. I just think that if you're busy or something, then maybe ask her to come back another time or if she's already there & you need to work on something else, she'll understand if you ask her to come back later! She'll always remember you as someone that helped her & was kind to her - that's for sure!!! There was a man & woman that lived down the street from me as a kid & their last name was Phillips & he was 66 years old - I called him Phillips 66, after the gas station. I just thought that was sooo funny & so did he! Him & his wife would show me how to plant stuff in the garden & to pull the weeds & just all kinds of stuff. They were sooo nice & I always smile when I think of them!

BTW - that 1st shot is AWESOME!!!
I sooo wish we'd get some snow here instead of all this nasty ice!

George said...

My mother would always try to save wrapping paper as well. I remember the big colored lights and the bubble lights. We thought the bubble lights were really special.
We're supposed to get some sunshine on Sunday. I hope it makes it your way. Nice pictures, though.

Grammy said...

I love your photos they make winter look inviting. Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great week.

Carletta said...

Hey Rose,
Been so busy getting things done to go to my daughter's for Christmas I'm finding a hard time blogging so I'm really late getting to this post.
I love the gloomy feel of the photos - I haven't had a real good dose of sit by the fire weather yet so I'm not tired of the snow.
I see you got sunshine. We did too today and even a rainbow.

dot said...

I can remember having a coconut and we all loved to drink the coconut milk.
I love when you tell about those "good ole days". We roamed all over the place when we were kids and no body cared and no body bothered us. Things are so different now.