Friday, March 27, 2009

Beautiful sunset

I just checked the date on these photographs and they were taken Monday...the top one is what I seen as I was getting ready to get on the highway after leaving the strip pit area. And the bottom one was taken while there.
The sun in it reminds me of Lorelei...she is sure a bright spot in our life. We spent the day there yesterday and are going down tonight. Sarah told Jeremy we were coming to have the evening meal with them, but we are going to babysit and them go out to eat. She wants it to be a little surprise for him.

Lorelei is growing like a weed...and just so bright-eyed. If she is awake, her hands and arms are moving. And she is raising her head up. I don't think it will be long till she can turn herself over.

They are coming here tomorrow...Roger's birthday is the 31, so we are celebrating this weekend while every is off work. So I have things to prepare....will visit everyone when I get spare minutes.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Roger!

These photos are very pretty - I love the sun rays shining down - Gorgeous shots!!!

Give Lorelei a great big hug for me, makes me want to see Jilly & hug her!

I hope you guys have fun - Be careful - GOD Bless!!!

Barb said...

Beautiful "sunset"...I am not sure if it is because I have a "new" appreciation for the beauty of sunsets and sunrises...but I just think lately they have been amazing! Grandchildren just melt our hearts don't they? I think they do new things every minute of everyday...enjoy each miracle! Happy Birthday to Roger...celebrate big!

TSannie said...

Aren't skies just the neatest to photograph?

And a very happy birthday!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

It's wonderful that you are spending so much time with Lorelei!

Lovely sunset.

I hope Roger's birthday is a good one!

Carletta said...

Oh Rose I love that second shot! I like the first one too but the rays in that second one are awesome. It's like going down that long road toward Heaven.
Give Lorelei a hug for me. Sounds like she is doing very well.
Tell Roger Happy Birthday - I know everyone will have a great time.

Mary said...

You need to print and frame that photo of your "bright spot" for Lorelei. What a lovely thought! You need to encourage them to go out to eat at least once a week, so you can have her to yourself :-)

don said...

I like the beautiful effect of the sun streaming through the clouds. You are thoughtful to babysit so the young parents can have a night out...and you have Lorelei all to yourselves!!!!

fishing guy said...

Rose: It is a beautiful sunset, nothing wrong with taking a lot of sky photos. I also have quite a collection of them.

George said...

Thanks for the pictures of a beautiful sunset.