Saturday, March 7, 2009

Last leg

We have went for walks the past couple of days, and taken our rod & reels...we walk, and then fish for just a few minutes. And we went from one strip pit in Universal that is actually for the public, I think owned by the little town, to another one that is owned by Indiana DNR over by West Terre Haute.
This tree caught our eye almost immediately...I think if you enlarge it you will like it better. With all the wind that we have, it is amazing that it is still standing. One just across the way had fallen.
Then, there were a couple pair of geese...I really got the feeling that it is mating season. Each pair was off to itself. Normally, there are several geese at this old strip pit all year long, but day before yesterday there were only the two pair.
As for my fishing, I fished a few minutes two different days, and each time I caught one little Largemouth Bass....about 10 inches long. It's mouth being the biggest thing about it.


Mary said...

What a cool tree with that leg sticking out over the water :-) Lovely geese, lovely water, looks like a lovely day!

don said...

The tree is remarkable. The enlarged version gives it even more impact. The geese are interesting too. A fine post.

John said...

Yes it is amazing how this tree remains standing. :)
Great posting.

Carletta said...

The tree looks like it's wearing a boot! :)
Just wonderful geese pics. I noticed in our neighbood that seem to be pairing too.

I have been sitting here listening to the music. I finally added this to my playlist. I sure hope I can find the CD when I go out. I just love it.
Have you seen her on YouTube singing Carol King songs?

Small City Scenes said...

Cool tree. I wonder how long it will stay up.
I have a pair of Canada Geese that come to my pond every Spring and stay and raise a couple of babies and then off they go. Fun to watch.

I am sure the Varied Thrush is indeed a Western bird. It's range is Alaska, Yukon and down to mid California. that's all I know. MB

George said...

It will be interesting to see how long that tree remains standing. You caught some great pictures even if you didn't catch many fish!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hmmmm Rose.. Don't thnk I'd want to stand near that tree on a windy day. One of these days--it will fall. Too bad--looks like a good-sized tree.

Have a great week. We're headed to Arkansas. Be home Sat.

D said...

What a beautiful blog you have here! Thanks for commenting on my skywatch so I could find your blog! Your granddaughter is so precious, congratulations. I love her name!

Anonymous said...

aren't they just so sweet together! I'm shocked too at the tree still standing, it must have stronger roots than it appears to have.

Luke Wiley said...

These Canadian geese are nice. Thanks for stopping by my blog!