Sunday, April 19, 2009

New strip pit finds

Yesterday afternoon, I got to thinking about how it was supposed to start raining (it did rain and has rained and misted off and on this day), and I thought I might just go back to the strip pit to see what I could find. I saw several of the bird in the top it a rail of some kind or is it a Wilson's snipe. I am leaning towards snipe but really do not know, so if you know please feel free to comment. And I saw this little painted turtle in this marshy area. It is the first one I have seen out there that I remember.
I also saw a couple pheasant, but no pictures. And an owl--I got pictures but they are not in focus. I saw coots, and I think a grebe...I will post pictures sometime this week. And then some other waterfowl...I don't have a good picture of it but will post it because I think it is at least good enough till someone will be able to identify it.

It did start raining last night...a gentle rain. I think it rained a little all night long and has sprinkled off and on all day. I am not sure what the next few days are supposed to bring, but hopefully the sun will return sooner than later. I am sitting here staring out the window and seeing my lilac in smells so good. Though the smell is not as strong as normal so I am wondering am I losing part of my sense of smell.

I just got home from the library...I always come home with such a load...and I very seldom get many read these days. Used to I would bring home whole slew of books, and if they were good, they would be read. Before I went, I went to their website and made my list from least for actual books. For audio, I just go and browse the shelves. And I brought home a couple Inspector Morse videos and a couple Inspector Lynly dvds.

I always wonder how everyone else goes about making their selections....I used to go and just browse and I admit I found some really good books that way. Now I usually pick a subject, and look it up under their key word feature. Today, I used the word 'dust bowl' but they did not have then I switched to 'farm.' Today I seemed to come home with more fiction that not.

For a long while, I seemed to find most of my books in the non-fiction shelves, but my tastes/attention span are changing...and I very seldom get a book that I just can't wait to have a few minutes to read. I miss that feeling of anticipation of knowing I have a good book waiting for me. And I seem to be returning more to fiction, as I did when younger.

Then there are words...if a title has certain words in it and I see it, I will just automatically pick it up. A title with any of the four seasons mentioned will get my attention, as well as any month; if river is in the title, you can bet your life I will pick it up. Or rain...or Tennessee or Kentucky...harvest is another one that is apt to draw my attention. I know there are more words but can't think right now.

So, how do you choose your reading material and have you always liked to read? I know as soon as I learned to read, my mom had to make me turn out the lights most nights. I cannot imagine having a library to go to like I do now. It is one of the greatest pleasures of life.


T said...

For as long as I can remember, I've been reading! And to my happiness - I've passed this on to my girls (and yes, I am often going in and turning off the lights because she has fallen asleep reading!).

I tend to lean toward historical fiction and certian non-fiction books (such as Eat,Pray,Love - which I just finished and HIGHLY recommend! For me, it was one of those I couldn't wait to get back to). I'm also a big fan of (and by big I mean BIG) of Stephanie Myers (Twilight). So, like my music I'm all over the place!

Barb said...

Non-Fiction person myself...but now that I am needing larger print because of my MacDeg. problem it is not easy to find what I like! I guess this is when Books on Tape would be a good thing to start looking into! In the meantime I pick and choose! Have a great day!

fishing guy said...

Rose: Neat shots of the Snipe? and turtle.
I mostly use the library for DVD's and we can browse on-line and choose what we want.

Carletta said...

I sure wish I could visit you one day and go to those strip pits - a slew of critters to photo!
I still read but not as much as I should or used to. My Dad would sometimes come home from his evening shift after midnight and tell me I better turn out the lights. I usually had school the next day. :)

Thanks for your comments today. I'll be back in a few weeks. Cindy's apartment was robbed a few weeks ago and they took her laptop so I'll be without a CP but there won't be much time with a new baby to blog anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a good chance for some neat photographs. I have not seen a turtle or tortoise or anything that even looks like one in years.

Neal said...

As you know I read a lot. I'll bet I read 350 nights out of a year...only a few minutes once in a while but I read. I read a lot of Christian fiction, I like westerns, and books that take me back to my childhood days. I read several & photography. I used to go to the library and load up on Scientific American and read it but haven't for a while. I love to read Popular Science also.

Anonymous said...

I've always been interested in the paranormal, ever since I can remember! So, I usually go to Hastings & pick out books of that subject. I don't like Steven King books, that's too far fetched for me - I like mostly non-fiction paranormal stories, but I also really like Dean Koontz fiction books. My favorite show on TV is Ghost Hunters on Sci Fi channel - I really like that show!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

It's a rainy day here too, Rose.

How do I choose a book? Hmmm. Non-fiction depends on my current interests so that's easy.

Fiction: I listen to a couple CBC radio programs in which authors are interviewed so sometimes I pick up books written by them. I'm also on the board of the Friends of the East Gwillimbury Library and during meetings members make suggestions during the course of conversations. And the Friends host three author readings a year so I usually read several books by those authors. Plus I walk in the forest with a friend who reads so we often talk about books and authors. ;-)

don said...

Some more fine wild life shots. Selection of reading material for me seems to come from a spontaneous interest when looking along the shelves. Sometimes I have a given subject in mind, but it's the wide spectrum available that I find exciting.

Anonymous said...

My mom had to run home for some papers this morning after she came in to work & found that the last momma sheep had her baby this morning. I don't have pics yet, but I will later! Just thought I'd fill ya in!

Mary said...

Great pictures of the snipe and turtle. Sounds like you saw a lot of stuff. It rained really hard here all night. I just got back from the library, too with 2 mysteries and an audio book to listen to while I do my typing work. The older I get the more I seem to lean towards mostly mystery books. When I fianlly sit down with a book, I want to be entertained. Once in a while I get on a non-fiction kick and bring home something else. I usually just browse the shelves. I just picked up a mystery by a local author that takes place in French Lick and West Baden where we went last summer...hope its good!

Leedra said...

I browse, but the problem is, I am at the book store instead of the library. And I don't know when to stop browsing....need to read some of the ones I have.

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