Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ugly or beautiful?

These are some guineas that Rachel and I passed when we went to Turkey Run antiques just a bit back. They did not want to pause for a photograph and I was on a road where I felt like I had to hurry.
So I quickly snapped a few and these were my choice to publish.
I really cannot decide if I think they are ugly or beautiful. When I look at the smaller sized picture, I lean to ugly, but when I enlarge it, I think NO, not so ugly. Kind of beautiful in fact. I just love their feathers.

When we were kids, we did not get to go places very much. Our mom's family all lived just a few miles away...I am sure less than 15, and probably less than 10. Yet we only went to visit about once a year. And when we were kids, a couple of our aunts and their kids maybe came to our house once a year.

One of those aunts always had guineas. I really do not know what the purpose of them were...I don't know if she ate the eggs or not. Do people even eat the eggs? I really do not know...but I do know that I wish I had paid more attention to them and wish I had asked more questions.

My brother, Neal just left, and we always talk about how we wish we had ask more questions. Our mom and dad just didn't talk about their childhood very much at all...they did not talk about what they did for fun, or what they did at holidays or anything. And I guess if truth be told, I don't talk to my girls about what I did as a child either.

One time, right before mom died I did think and ask her a question or two...She said they went to school from July till February. I don't think she said the reason for this. She walked about half a mile to school and came home for lunch. Her teacher taught about 30 kids from primer through 8th grade. They had visitors to the school every couple of Fridays just to see what the kids were doing...sometimes they had a spelling match (bee).

At the end of one year, the teacher held up mom's report card and said she wished everyone had a report card like it. Our mom only went through 8th grade; her teacher tried to get her to come to town and live with her and go to high school. But she loved her home so much she wouldn't leave it.

I ask her if they got a Christmas tree every year and she said no. I do not know if that was common to not have one or not in that area. She said her mom always baked a couple cakes and they would have apples and oranges and candy for their Christmas. That is one tradition she carried on...I can remember when I was a kid mom baking several cakes for Christmas. I really don't know if she did it every year, but I can remember the anticipation of it. So she must have did it more than once. And Mom and Dad always got a bushel of oranges and a bushel of apples for Christmas...

Mom did say that they would have a Christmas tree at school and sometimes there would be a present under it for each kid. She got one present that had two or three embroidery squares in it and that is how she learned to embroider.

I so wish I had started asking stuff sooner and just wish I had known what to ask. Now, Neal and I are always telling each other to remember to ask George this or that that we can't remember...not George, the Senior Hiker but George our brother. He can remember a lot more of the people from around home than we do. And can just remember some stuff better than we can.

I am always entranced when people start telling about their childhood, or their parents life. I think because I missed that part of mine. I guess I need to start talking about mine to my children.


Barb said...

I have the pleasure of carefully driving thru a *flock* of guineas and red chickens every morning on my way to the office :>)...and yes they are so slow about moving out of the way of a moving vehicle! I always watch for them and ALWAYS slow down, they don't seem to care that I am needing to hurry to work!

I often wish I had asked more questions about my growing up years, although there are parts I remember that are not always pleasant to think about. I do share my info with my daughter does not want to hear the unpleasant parts! Pass it on to your children and grandchildren Rose, it matters!

Deborah Godin said...

Talking is a great idea! My family could have been a lot better at passing down stories, so the few I have I treasure. As for guineas, I'd say "beautiful from the neck down" but then, they look so earnest, how could you hold those homely little faces against them?

Carletta said...

I love their feathers in the sunlight. When I enlarged yours I imagined a dotted swiss dress.(does that date me or what)
Their heads remind me of vultures.

My Grandpa used to tell all kind of stories. I listened but not really listened to remember.
I really wished I'd asked my Dad more. He wasn't much of a talker but he would have if I'd asked.

Hope your family had a good time while you were together.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if they're anything like me, I know they'd love to hear about your childhood! I used to LOVE to hear stories my grandpa told - He'd finish one & I'd say, Tell another one, grandpa! hehehe I miss him & grandma sooo much!!! Uh oh, tear!
Anyway, they'll love it, so tell them & that way, your daughter can pass down the stories to Lorelei!

I think a guineas face is one only a mother could love! hehehehe
But, I agree w/ you, their feathers are very pretty!
They're like a watch dog - They'll let you know when anyone is around your house... night or day! We had some at a place I used to live & they're very good!!!

Anonymous said...

When I say good, I mean good watch dogs - not good to eat - we never ate them. hehehehe

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I think most of us make the mistake of not asking questions soon enough, Rose. I'm afraid it doesn't seem all that important when we are young.

I DO remember my grandmother being cross with my grandfather when he'd tell stories about his youth. I wish I'd been a better listener to his tales. He was eager to tell them.

I think guinea hens are homely but not ugly. I know people who have some guineas and eat their eggs, which have green shells.

Small City Scenes said...

I really don't care for Guineas but lots of farms used them for watch dogs. They can be very noisy. Not pretty either.
Rose, talk to your children about what you remember about growing up and things you did and how you remember their grandparents. Each of us will tell the same story differently. I know I remember things differently than my siblings. It is very important because they will wnat to ask questions when it will be too late.
I will post more pictures of the Tulips as they bloom. MB

fishing guy said...

Rose: that bird reminds me of the look of a Turkey Vulture, ugly head but the body is beautiful.

Mary said...

You must not follow Eve, at Sunny Side Up...she was raising guineas until she just moved to Alabama. She got hers to kill ticks. They are funny creatures for sure! I liked your mom's stories and know how you feel. My dad told us stories a lot and even wrote us a book of his memories, but I know almost nothing about my mom's family and didn't think to ask until it was too late. Now all my aunts and uncles are gone, too and there is no one to ask about her family.

don said...

Your post has caused a huge response: excellent post! I remember seeing guineas out on a farm at twilight when they would get up in branches to roost. t is a sad fact that we get curious about our parent's early life too late many times. These stories make excellent short stories written out and passed along in the family. Once you start jotting some things down more will come to mind and its more fun and easier than it sounds.

Leedra said...

All God's creatures are beautiful, some are just different. Enjoyed the photos.

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