Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New sighting....

These pictures leave a lot to be desired...again. Yet I was so glad to get even these. The top photo is not enhanced. It was actually as dark as the picture seems....very hard to distinguish the features.
It is a barred owl that Roger spotted on my side of the road on the way home from the strip pit area. I used fill flash to lighten the photos till we can see the the features a little bit better.
I checked the pictures on the desktop computer and they were so dark I couldn't distinguish anything so I am trying to lighten them more. Hope it helps.

We didn't see much on our run through tonight...we heard a few pheasant but not near as many as normal. We did not see a single one. No Northern Harriers. No Short-eared owls. The owl above was after we left what we call the strip pit are.

We did see a beautiful sunset....I will post a couple pictures of that in a day or two.
I have to tell about babysitting Lorelei yesterday. She was asleep when we got there...didn't wake up till a while after Sarah and Jeremy left. She was her usual cheerful self for a short while. Then she started getting fussy. Before I could get her bottle warm, she was crying so hard. And did not want anything to do with that bottle...I tell you, she just broke our heart. You could tell she wanted her mommy.

I finally got her settled down and thought maybe she would then take the bottle. Wrong! She set in with the crying again. Big old tears. I get teary eyed just thinking about her little face.

Well, we had noticed that Sarah had had one of her own shirts spread out under Lorelei in the crib, so Roger got it and says 'let's try something.' He brought it over to drape over my shoulder like a burp cloth and she stopped almost the minute she seen it. She snuggled in and took most of her bottle.

She needed a diaper change...I took Sarah's shirt off my shoulder. And when we got done I took her in the living room and was going to see if she wanted the rest of the bottle. She started crying again. Roger went and got Sarah's shirt, and again she quieted down and took the rest of the bottle.

About the time she was starting to entertain us, her mommy and daddy got home. So that was the end of that little adventure.


TSannie said...

Even though they're dark, the last two are good! Sweet story about Lorelei.

Mary said...

Wonderful story about the baby....and a very neat trick for making her happy! Those owl shots are good for how dark it was.

don said...

Fine owl shots. I especially like the ones with the face more visible. The Lorelei episode was very interesting.
I'm glad you figured out a solution to her unhappy state.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The shirt was smart thinking on Roger's part!

I've never taken a photo of an owl so any you show are going to wow me for sure, Rose! ;-)

Leedra said...

Owl photos of any type would have to be keepers for me. Would just love to see one.

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