Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Strip pit sunset

Please enlarge these for better viewing!
I have a ga-zillion sunset pictures from the strip pit area but I think these are my favorites. And they are exactly how it looked. Usually my pictures are not quite the way it looked...but they usually are different in a way that is almost better than the how it really was. Can you make sense out of that last sentence?
Anyway, these are not altered in any way....except to add my copyright/name. They are exactly as they came out of the camera.


Mary said...

Those are beautiful! Such a lovely orange all over the sky!

don said...

These are beautiful shots. I like the range of oranges and almost purple in the first image. And it's nice to have a closer virew. Sunsets are never alike...and I like them all!

Deborah godin said...

Wow! And even if the phrase "guilded sunset" is redundant - these are it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rose, these are gorgeous! I really love the colors & they're so clear & crisp