Sunday, June 28, 2009

Evening sunlight

I liked the way the evening sunlight hit this--not sure what it is. I am wondering if it is sawgrass. I have tried to find a good image of it and no luck so far. Feel free to tell me what it really is in the comments if you know. It was growing at the edge of a cattail pond/big puddle. I am not sure what the correct term is...not really big enough to be called a pond, but bigger than a puddle. I am sure if and when the frequent rains stop, that they will be dry, but for right now seem to hold just enough water to keep things going.

I am enjoying a semi-lazy have some things I need to do but had rather just sit and do nothing. Roger fixed a pork roast on the grill while I cooked breakfast, so after a bit, we will have it along with whatever else I decide to fix.

Roger's buddy taught him a way to fix pork roasts. Of course there are no measurements...but he coats the outside with black pepper, sage, and garlic. Then cooks it on low heat on the grill till it is done. The outside is usually sort of crispy, and the inside tender and juicy, and is delicious. I have not decided which pork roast is best for fixing this way...we don't fix them that often and I forget which was good and which was just so-so.

I had best get moving, and try to do something constructive. Little Miss Lorelei keeps me busy through the week. She is such a funny little girl...she looks for Shelby when we ask her 'Where's Shelby?" and she almost always smiles at her, and sometimes laughs. There seems to be no certain thing that makes her laugh.

And either Wednesday or Thursday, I had given her her mid-day bottle and had put her up to burp her. She started snuggling down into me...hard to explain it but it is just something she does. Then she laughed a little bit. Well, I keep a hand mirror sitting there so I turned it to where she could see herself and she really started laughing. I called for her Grandpa to come see and hear. He started talking to her and then there were these big belly laughs....I had him get me the phone and I quick called Sarah so she could here. I laughed till I cried....

Then Friday both her mom and dad came to pick her up early, and Jeremy was singing the song Lorelei by Styx to her, and using a crazy voice to sing in, and she was totally captivated. Her grin could not have been any bigger. He is such a good daddy to her.


Carletta said...

Pork roast sounds really good Rose.
Cindy used to fix it for us. She had a great receipe from her chef class at school. Course salt and cumin I know. It smelled wonderful as it cooked.
It's an overcast day here and I've been lazy too. Somedays you just need the break. :)
No clue on the plant.

George said...

Your description of that pork roast is making me hungry! Do you think we could get Roger (and you) down here to give us a sample? Lorelei sounds like a very happy baby.

fishing guy said...

Rose: That is such a neat capture.

Mary said...

I looked down through all the posts that I have missed, but will just comment here. Seems like Lorelei is keeping you very busy...and smiling :-) I'm surprised you find time to take any photos at all. I like that grass photo, too.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Rose, I'm envious of you getting to keep your granddaughter. She sounds like a truly wonderful child.

I love to hear babies do that big belly laugh... It always makes me laugh outloud also. Even when I see them laugh on TV, I still laugh!!!! Too cute!!!!

Hope you have gotten some rest this weekend. The pork roast sounds wonderful...


Michele said...

I hear about the belly boat and I think that's awesome... we have used one for many years and we love it especially since we live in an area that has so many small lakes and are not easily accessible by boats and are not allowed to have engines on it. And it's easy to set up. It's a little costly at first to get all the gear but SOOOOO worth it afterwards!!
I have a good bellyboat posts coming up in the next week so come along and please, any questions whatsoever, you can ask, or email... or anything.. I'm always here!!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The plant (I don't know what it is either) is very pretty in that light.

Love all the stories you tell about Lorelei!