Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas past and present

This is the first chance I have had to post in a while...I am using this photo from a post in the past...partly because I don't have my computer and partly because I just love the photo. It was taken years ago with my one of my Nikon cameras.

I hope all of you have happy and healthy Christmas and New Year...

I am thankful for many things, but foremost right now is that Sarah just came through her second surgery last week...all is going great in that department. One of these days things will be back to normal.

Lorelei is changing daily it seems...she is just so busy all the time.

She sings Jingle Bells, Happy Birthday, and other songs...

and has just been playing the drums and singing
She loves you, Yeah, Yeah, yeah
She loves you Yeah, yeah, yeah

Over and over.

She now tells me to 'Get up---I need you' She will get my hand and take me all over the place. Otto hardly has a moment's peace...and for the most part he enjoys every minute of it. This morning she went for a short but wild ride on him....unplanned. She was climbing on his back and was astraddle of him and up he got. She hung on for a second or two before falling off. I half expected her to get back up and try it again but she didn't.

Our oldest daughter will be here at this time tomorrow night...along with a bit more snow. I am not sure how much is in the forecast. I am hoping not much.

This will probably be my only post on here for a little while to of these days I will get back to it on a regular basis I hope. There simply is not time to be on the computer...when there is I plan to try to catch up with everyone.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

How sweet that little girl is, Rose... She is growing up so fast... I know it's a joy for you to be with her.

Hope Sarah is doing great... My love and prayers to all of you.

Merry Christmas.

don said...

That is a fine Christmas tree shot. Beautiful lighting and covered so well with snow. I wish you, your family and friends a fine Christmas celebration!

Jacob said...

I love this photo! It is superb!

And you're having fun with Lorelei...and she's keeping you very busy, I can see!

EG Wow said...

Oh dear, I've been away and am now catching up with your news! I'm so glad you can be there to help Sarah and Lorelei during these hard times. I'm glad Sarah is on the mend!

Mary said...

Lovely tree and I'm sure you are enjoying all the time with Lorelei even though you might like to get life back to normal. Enjoy your daughter's visit! We had to visit ours via computer cameras, but that was nice in its own way.

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