Thursday, December 8, 2011

Color from my world...

This is not from tonight. It is from another night we ran through the strip pits...but not a night I have shown. Who cares either way...there is very seldom a night that isn't beautiful out there....if I will just have the patience to wait for it to come.
So, we went Christmas the majority of the rest of it done. I done had Lorelei's done as well as her daddy's, but that was all. Now the major portion of my shopping is done, and this is one tired gal.

It is strange...I do have trouble knowing what to get for people, but still, I enjoy Christmas shopping. The mall was not crowded today, and everyone I ran into or almost ran into, or who almost ran into me...we were all on our best behavior and smiled, apologized, and went on. That is easier to do when it is not crowded. Though, most times now, I make up my mind before I leave that that is how I am going to act.

It seems to me, even if you treat an old grouch the way you want to be treated, that they will respond in kind.

Now mind you I am not bragging....not by any means. I still have to fight frustration when I get behind two people that manage to take up what is room for four-six people to walk. People that are walking so slow but are weaving so bad you are afraid to try to pass....then you realize they are moving so slow that if you time it right you can zoom on through.

You just know they are wondering along, thinking about who all they have left to buy for, and trying to make up their mind what to get. At least that is what I am doing, when I am the one in a totally different world.


Ellie said...

Well done with your shopping, I'm nearly done as well.
I hate shopping, especially when it is really busy, I find people tend to get very rude but maybe that is just here.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Rose, Glad you got your shopping ALMOST ALL done. We don't do much shopping at Christmas since we make our gifts ourselves most of the time, or order them online.

We'll do a little bit at Walmart--but thank goodness, we don't have to go to a mall this time of year. I don't try to buy gifts for the grands anymore---and just give them a piece of money so that they can buy what they want. (All of my grands are teens now.)

George and I give each other small gifts ---but save our money for trips and things like that which we enjoy doing together.

I do love decorating --and we always enjoy a turkey/trimmings dinner... I am hoping to see at least one of my kids this month.


Saun said...

Gorgeous sky...I hate grocery shopping people won't even give you a second to get what you want without reaching over you. Enough said Happy Friday!

Sandra said...

i agree that MOST of the time if we treat a grumpy person well, they will respond. i don't shop now, but when i used to, when kids were younger, i enjoyed the crowds because I love to watch people and I always went with penty of time. i think when we see frustrated shoppers it is because they are "power shopping" to get it done. now i don't go in the stores during the holidays.

don said...

A gorgeous sunset shot! My family, now all adults, draw names so we have one Christmas gift to buy or make. I plan to get my person (woman) a TJMaxx gift card (a clothing, bedding and kitchen store) but I want at something to wrap to be opened at our Christmas dinner. Glad you got your's done!

Montanagirl said...

Gorgeous photo!

EG Wow said...

Beautiful sky, Rose. I'm glad you have your shopping done. I have one more person to get something for. Isn't it a great feeling?

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