Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Take a guess at what this is...

I would say that some of you will easily guess what this is a photo of...or part of a photo.  But just thought I would see for sure. 
I am sitting here watching a cardinal under the feeders, looking at the blue sky, and watching the the wind in the trees while waiting to go to therapy...wishing I had it all done and over with.

I was talking to Sarah yesterday when Lorelei and her dad got home.  The evening before Lorelei had told Jeremy 'I know what we can do tomorrow...we can go wash your car and go to the library.'  She said it several times.  So guess what...she got up with that on her mind and they had to do that.  She was chattering and giggling so I could not understand half of what she said...just so excited and happy to have her dad home for a change.
The house wren is back.  It has been checking out a gourd I have hanging on the wisteria vine.  I have seen it go in and out it several times so am hoping it finds a mate and they build in it.  Not quite the music of a Carolina wren, but still a very happy little bird.
I am re-reading An Untamed Land by Lauraine Snelling.  It was free on Amazon, so could not resist it.  But now I am wanting to read the rest of the series it is from, The Red River of the North.  I have read both this series and the Return to the Red River series.  Both very good.  I have read others by her and liked them, but not near as much as these.


Judy said...

Oh wow Rose, I have no idea! But I'm sure I should know :)

Sandra said...

i am guessing some kind of material? like new flannel backing? hope the therapy helps soon. so sweet that L got to have her daddy home. i bet washing the car was a good photo opp

Carletta said...

Hi Rose,
Hope your therapy is doing some good.
My first thought when I saw the pic was kitty fur so I'll just stick with that for lack of a better guess. :)

don said...

I don't have a guess and was hoping someone commenting earlier would help me out, but to no avail. :-)

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Rose, Hope your therapy is going well... I know you'll be glad to get it over --and start feeling better.

Lorelei is just so full of life... She always makes me smile.

I have no idea what your photo is. It looks like an old chenille bedspread that I used to have --sitting in water... ha ha


Ginny said...

Wrens are the cutest! I hope she stays and has babies. Now to the picture, I love the guessing pictures. It looks like Christmas tree tinsel garland. No, too thin for that, I don't have a clue but can't wait to find out!!!

Dee said...

I am thinking it is the back of a dog? I do hope the therapy works for you soon.

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm jealous that your house wren is back already!

Isn't it GREAT when you find an author you really like?