Friday, December 13, 2013

Bridgeton Covered Bridge

This is another view of the Bridgeton Covered Bridge...I take a picture of it almost every time I am near it.  I don't know if I have ever taken one that I totally love.  Almost always the sky is too washed out.
Do you realize that it is a bit less than two weeks to Christmas?  Are you ready for it?  I am close.  Got most things wrapped, though I do have to get a couple wrapped and mailed.  We bought the ham the other day, but still have to figure just what all we are having.  Since there are so few of us I do not do near the cooking that I did when younger.

I have decided to make a crumb border for the quilt top that is on my design wall.  It is taking me longer to make it than it did to make the top.  Or at least that is how I feel.  I try to sew a little bit each day.  Some days I do more than others.  I had a friend comment on the post of the top the other day saying that crumb blocks are hard work.  I must say I agreed with her...they are no mile a minute block for me.  Yet they are sort of mindless.  No worrying about seam allowances or points matching.  Just sew and trim.

I am in the mood for a new sewing machine....I don't need one.  I absolutely love my Juki 98Q...I just want one to play with and maybe have upstairs. And it is another Juki that I want...but have been looking at some of the cheaper  Brother sewing machines.  I have been debating on getting a little sewing cabinet and bringing one of mine upstairs from the basement.  I know though that I would end up running up and down the steps half a dozen times every time I wanted to sit and sew.   Plus there would be the mess I never quite take the plunge to bring it up.
I think it is supposed to get up to the freezing mark in the next day or two...and we are supposed to have snow tonight and tomorrow.  If it gets up that warm, and it does actually snow, I am wondering if it will be a heavy snow that lays on branches and sticks to fences...I hope it is.  

For the first time I am really showing my age about snow...I really consider the fact that we might get in a wreck when going out for pics.  Even on the back roads.  I have never been a fan of being on main roads right after a snow, but on the back roads where there is hardly any traffic, I have always felt pretty secure.  So we shall see whether we get out even if we do get a nice snow.


Sandra said...

love that bridge and does the sign mean i can't RUN accross it? like i could. LOL
i have looked at the brothers, we need something to repair things. like my flannel gown, i caught the pocket on something and tore a 5 inch hole in the seam... i can't sew and never have but it would be nice to sew up soemthing that tears.

EG CameraGirl said...

I recognize the bridge but never get tired of seeing photos of it, Rose.

It is snowing here at the moment and the roads a little slippery so I understand that you want to be cautious on icy roads. I'm hoping the sky will turn blue so I can capture the pristine beauty later on today.

Montanagirl said...

I like your bridge photo today. And I'm right there with ya on the backroads thing. We don't venture out as much anymore either in the winter. We've had to be pulled out of a ditch twice a few years ago. One was when my husband was watching an Eagle instead of the road. lol. We were on a sideroad however, and going really slow. My nephew came and rescued us.

Susan said...

Never get tired of seeing your wonderful images. I want a sewing machine, haven't had one in a long while and would like to start doing things again.

don said...

A fine shot of this covered bridge. It is always looking very good. My unasked for advice: get another Juki rather than switch brands.

Quiltedtime said...

It's only wise to be careful on any backroad. For that reason, I finally made the plunge and bought a new pickup a couple months ago. Occasionally, I go up to the mountains and wasn't feeling safe in an older vehicle.

Love your bridge. The lighter sky actually makes it look colder. :-)

Gerald (SK14) said...

I'm sure you'll cope with the snow better than we would.

Ginny said...

This is just a gorgeous, picture, the angle and everything is just perfect!!!! When I go out for pictures, I am glad Phil drives and I look and snap. But we are still getting stopped by the police, geez!

Deb said...

One can never have too many sewing machines, Rose. I say get a new one!
Photo of the bridge looks Christmassy.

CDH said...

Love the covered bridges. I like how it says walk across! lol! I'm never ready for Christmas, it's just another day on the ranch. The cows might get an extra bite of hay, and we do go goose hunting.. :)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I'm like you about the roads. Used to be that I was never afraid of driving on the snowy back roads, but' something about being older, I think! It's snowing here and I'm thinking I'd like to get out tomorrow and take some pics, but we'll see! Love your covered bridge photo and I like that it's red!

Small City Scenes said...

It is a grand covered bridge. I'll bet every pic is a beauty.
I don't care for the snow as much as I used to although I love the beauty of it.
I just need to bring my sewing machine from my house to Bob's---cuz that's where I am now. there I said it out loud and wrote it down.

Judy said...

I would love to visit that bridge. I only have to get one more gift and mail out one more package.
Since my hubby and I are both of Finnish descent I am doing a traditional Finnish Christmas, minus a couple of traditions that simply cannot be done.
Since I've been sick this past week I really am feeling my age.