Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From warmer days

This was a window up in Veedersburg, Indiana.  It was taken last fall when we went up there for the flea market.  Notice the slight reflections of the trees in the lower portion of the window.  Not only is the window a beauty even if it needs a little care, but the reflections are nice reminders of what is to come.
My body is fighting a cold...I don't have one where I feel horrible...just not quite normal.  Feel yukky of the morn and yukky at night.  But if this is the worst that it gets, not going to complain too much.

What I want to complain about is the inventor of range hoods!  Every time I try to clean mine I end up fussing...I ought to get Roger involved and I bet he could invent a better one.  He says he would take it down for me...and I will let him later on.  I know I don't have the full strength in my arms like I used to...and with me having problems on both sides with the frozen shoulder thing, I have let things slide.  I hate to always asked Roger to do my work or have to help me.  But it is just going to have to be.  

Windows need washed, and even though we have the flip windows, I haven't the strength of a sick cat in one arm.  So soon as it warms up again, I will have him help me take the curtains down....and he can flip them in for me and I can take it from there. 

One of my neighbors in Terre Haute was one of those spring cleaners.  She literally moved everything around a room and cleaned each room so thoroughly each spring.  Every year.  And I used to do that, but haven't in a long time.

But talking about cleaning, what is you favorite cleaning tip or cleaning product?  I think my favorite product is Formula 409!   I think there is a way of making your own, but I can't recall how.

Another thing, if I am baking something messy, such as a meat loaf, I will line the pan with aluminum foil till the pan don't get a sticky mess on it.  When I take the meatloaf our, I try to be careful and not tear the foil...let it set and cool down and it can be lifted out and either no mess, or very little mess to clean up.   Or if I am baking something that might spill over or drip over such as a pie, I put a piece of aluminum foil down below to catch the drips.


Sandra said...

i see a building reflected in that gorgeous window along with the green tree.. beautiful.
i would be lost without Tilex Bathroom foam... i use that for shower and tube and tile walls... we use Murphy soap on the floors for mopping and i also clean my cabinets with Murphy soap..i use the tin foil to

Betsy Adams said...

Sorry about your cold.. Hope it doesn't get worse. Colds are NO fun --especially this time of year.

I hate indoor cleaning --and would prefer to work outside... BUT--on occasion, I 'have' to clean my house!!!! Usually when I do start cleaning inside I continue to do it until I finish. BUT--getting started is NOT easy for me!!!! ha


Leave It To Davis said...

I used to rearrange all the furniture and pictures and such so that I cleaned under everything....did it at least twice a year....made things fresh and new again. Since I have been working 6 out of 7 days and babysitting my granddaugthers in the mornings, I don't clean much. Hubby does what gets done, but there hasn't been a DEEP cleaning of anything for 6 years, I guess....since I started babysitting them. Another year and a half and we won't have that to do anymore and then we will have more time to do things like clean. The dirt will wait. lol

I hope you get to feeling better soon and you find renewed strength!

Small City Scenes said...

Oh Rose, I hope you are feeling better soon. No fun feeling icky.
I use foil a lot. O have it on the bottom of the oven for any spills. I don't use a loaf pan for meatloaf anymore. I just form the meat mixture into a loaf form and put it in a fry pan that can go in the oven---bake away and lift out when done and use the drippings for gravy or a sauce. Also the meatloaf doesn't back in grease and get soggy. Yummy good. It always holds it's shape too.
As for Spring or fall cleaning---I am hopeless. i just clean whenever and hope for the best. I feel like Betsy said. LOL

Montanagirl said...

Colds are miserable - I hope you shake it off soon. I used to use foil in the bottom of my (old) oven...when I got the new glass top oven with hidden element beneath the floor of the oven, I made the mistake of lining it with foil. Should have read the manual. That is a no-no with a hidden element. The foil caught fire, and then more or less melted to the floor of the oven as if it had been soldered there. Only did that once. Had to buy a replacement floor panel for it.

genie said...

Don’t have a range hood....wish I did. All the grease just floats about in my 110 year old room called "the kitchen.” Sorry you have a cold. Mine is gone, but the headache is back. I tell you...getting old ain’t for wimpy women. I HATE having to ask Bud to do so much. He has things he wants to do. Oh, well, such is life. That window is so pretty, and yes, I do see the reflection of what is to come. Right now I am waiting for this last snow to leave so the one they are talking about tomorrow night can come on in...ugh!

EG CameraGirl said...

Hope you get over the cold real fast!

Lovely reflections of a former spring!

Lynne said...

ZAP . . . cold bug be gone!

Soft Scrub is my "go to" cleaning pal . . . Plus Windex Window washing pads. They are sooooooo cool! You purchase the kit which includes a couple of cleaning pads, a telescoping wand pole. Great for elevated outdoor windows. Hose down the windows, attach pad to wand pole, add water to the pad and wash the window. Rinse window with hose. That is it. Nothing else. It air dries very fast. Not perfect but I sure love having my higher windows crystal clean without climbing a ladder to make them so.

Caron said...

I love church architecture, so the window made me smile right away.

I use Norwex products. They are cloths made with silver, so they are antibacterial. I've been using them solid for 3-4 years now and neither one of us has had a cold. So I don't use cleaning products anymore throughout most of the house. Where I do, I use Lysol in the brown bottle in toilets and I like OxyClean to make a solution for things that need soaking. I still use Magic Erasers for the kitchen sink that won't clean and for the white handles on the fridge.

augcott said...

Lovely shot!
Reflections of Spring!
diane @ thoughts and shots

Michelle said...

A beautiful shot of this window. What a classic beauty.

Judy said...

I hope you feel better soon. Love the window shot. I too hate cleaning the range hood, and I love your tip with the meatloaf.

Carletta said...

A lovely old vintage window!
I had a friend years ago that did like yours - clean everything twice a year and weekly she cleaned about as much.
I try to keep the bathroom and kitchen clean and if the rest of the house is dusty or windows that gets down when it gets done - gotta have time to blog. :)
Hope you feel better soon.

don said...

That's a beautiful window picture. Very nice shot. No cleaning suggestions. I do use Clean Shower which makes bathtub maintenance almost nothing.

Robyn Goddard said...

What a pretty window. The blue stained glass is eye catching.

I hope you feel better soon. The Husband has had what you are describing twice this winter. We have our fingers cross that is all we get for being sick.

I'm not a fan of washing windows either. My Mom isn't a window washer either.

I am with you on the messy baking tips. Aluminum foil and parchment paper are lifesavers.

Quiltedtime said...

There are many foods I do without just because I do not want to clean up the mess afterwards.

I have been using a splash of vinegar on gooey dried drips on my vinyl floor in the kitchen. Dissolves the goo and can be easily wiped up.

Dee said...

The window is beautiful...My dream home have a worship room with a stain glass window in it...♥ My favorite cleaning item is those Mr Kleen pads. Like you as I age and arthritis and my polio system increase, cleaning has become a major ordeal. I have dropped my standards down in exchange for peace. My Frank is not much help with all his health issues. One day I fear we will need a cleaning lady.

Mary said...

Love the picture! Hope you feel better soon. I would be the last person to give anyone cleaning advice....I am not a "deep" cleaner most of the time. I didn't even know you had to take a range hood down to clean it???? Maybe it depends on what kind you have.

Marie said...

Gorgeous stained glass window! Hope you get well soon. Lots of people fighting colds and allergies now. I have so much trouble doing my floors because of my bad back and we talk about trying to hire someone to come in every two weeks and give them a good cleaning. I can do the spot cleaning in between. But we haven't taken the plunge yet. It would be a burden, expense-wise.