Friday, April 21, 2017

A bit of randomness....

1.  Ginseng.  I love to hunt the stuff.  I no longer dig it...I just like to find it and see it growing.  And photograph it.  But when I was a kid, my mom and I would hunt it and what money came from it could go for things for school...material and patterns to make my clothes.  I don't remember if I bought other stuff with it or not.

2.   If you are a grandma, you might enjoy reading Granny by Sean Dietrich.  I did not grow up close to any grandparent and have always felt like I missed something in life.  But I sure as heck enjoy being heart just sings when I know Lorelei is coming.  Last weekend when we went to bed, she asked me, "Do you enjoy sleeping with me, Mamaw?"  I said I did...she ask, "Do you REALLY enjoy sleeping with me?"  I told her that I did.  She then asked did I like sleeping with her better than anything...I told her almost...she only thought a second...she said oh, I know, Papaw!

3.  For a little bit of laughter, how about Mama trying to go to sleep in a hammock?

4.  And then I can almost guarantee that you will get a warm fuzzy feeling if you watch the following....and maybe even laugh a time or two.

I saw this video a few days back on the blog Not Afraid of Color.

5.  For a taste of music, for those of you watching The Voice, maybe you would like to hear something from Gwen/No Doubt.

I  listened to this song about a zillion times when I worked at the orchard.  (I would make mixed tapes and listen to them.  And certain songs appeared more often than others...)

6.  And how could I leave out Alicia

I had left the orchard before this came out, but I can guarantee you if it had been out, it would have been on a variety of cassettes. 

That is my few bits of randomness....I hope you seen something you liked....

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Nancy Chan said...

Hi Rose, you are so blessed to have Lorelei with you. I had a good laugh watching mama & the hammock. Have a beautiful day!

Francisco Manuel Carrajola Oliveira said...

Gostei de ver os vídeos.
Um abraço e bom fim-de-semana.

Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa

Tom said...

#1 I have never seen Ginseng around here.
#2 Being a grandpa ain't bad either.
#3 Thanks for the laugh.
#4 Sweet.
#5 New to me.
#6 Also new to me.

Cat Lover said...

Hi Rose, so glad you and Lorelei have such a wonderful time together. Love the video of Mama trying to get in the hammock!
Enjoy your weekend.

Maggid said...

There's a Wealth of things to like . . . I did not know Ginseng was easy to find . . . OR what it looked like . .you've given me stuff to consider . . Thank you.

I'm listening to your music right now.
Happy Weekend!

Sandra said...

you will know before I say it the dog and the organgtan are my favorites. wow what a happy story

Snap said...

Wonderful, fun five! Interesting about Ginseng. Hammocks -- look so comfy, but its the getting in and out!!!!!! Love music. Happy Friday!

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

My favorite today....the hammock! Too funny.

Denise inVA said...

You have the greatest conversations with Lorelei. Thank you for sharing them. They always make me smile. Interesting about the ginseng. I learned another plant today, and I will have to look out for it. Loved the videos also. Thank you Rose and have a great weekend :)

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Aren't grands the greatest? I love my kids, but sometimes think I might would have skipped them and just gone straight to my grands. I've never seen ginsing in the wild and ny luck I would get in a batch ofpoison ivy and think it was ginsing. :{
Have a blessed Sunday.

Small City Scenes said...

You and Lorelei have fun like Kylee and I used to---well she is 23 now---how did that happen. She grew up and I met Bob and life went on.
At the first greenhouse I worked at Miss Jeannie was the boss of the music and she played old timey 50s music. Some good but most bad and over and over etc. I think I like your music better. I do like Alicia Keyes.
Have a super week

Bonny Bonafilla said...

How lovely to have such a special relationship with Lorelei. She looks beautiful in her pretty pink top.
I've never seen ginseng grow. How interesting to see it in your photo.