Sunday, October 12, 2008

Feeling drained....

I am resorting to a scanned that I really like though. It was taken in the fall of 97 I think. It is beginning to look a lot like this around here right now. I would love to have the time to just get out and drive all the back roads real slow. I bet I could drive for days and not get my fill of the autumn colors.

Now, to sort of change the subject...maybe even a couple times. First of all, I wonder how everyone else keeps up with what photos they have posted on their blogs. I know I can go and check the web albums, but that is slow going through all of them. I am in the process of trying to make a numerical list of the images I have posted....but still not really satisfied. I have the photos from the first 5 months or so, and have over a hundred photos. And there were several days back then that I did not include photos.

I just kind of wonder if I am going to wonder later what date I posted them on. I think the last time I looked at my web albums of blog pictures that I had used over 500 photos...and that was at least a couple months ago, or more. So, wondered what other people did, or if they do anything at all to keep track of their published pictures. So, trying to go through and make this list has me on the weary side.

Plus, today my younger daughter and I went to yard sales looking for baby stuff...we found a few things. And I found my husband two new camo pants for hunting. One of which was practically new...the other needs some repair but they are still in fair shape. We were gone all day, with a little stop by her friends house...I got to see Noah for the first time. He was born on my husbands birthday...and is adorable. Just such a happy baby. He has not reached the shy stage and was perfectly content for me to hold him.

I seen two old singer sewing of which I would have liked to have but I need it about like I need another hole in the head. I did not even ask the price of it. And seen a lot of stuff I would have liked to go through, but we were on a mission to see what we could find for a baby. The time is approaching faster now, and beginning to feel like things need to be done with the babe being due in February.

And I have been trying to go through and pick out a new header picture/banner or whatever you call it, but instead put up an old one I have used before. It is one of my favorite pictures, though. And maybe some of you have not seen it. So hope you enjoy it, even if you have seen it before.

That is it for now...


Mary said...

That is a beautiful fall shot! You have more color then we do so far. I love that header photo, so I'm glad you chose it. I don't even want to think about going back through images that I've posted! I organize them on my computer before posting them and figure that is enough.

Carletta said...

I Love the header Rose!
You must have used it before I started reading your blog - appropriate this time of year.
I also love the photo on your post - the tractor parked under the tree makes it for me.
I was trying to figure out just last week if I had posted a certain image. I looked under the labels and didn't see it - I'm at a loss. Maybe winter will give me time for this kind of stuff.
This time last year I was doing baby stuff - isn't it fun!

Neal said...

You know how I like that header picture. As far as organizing the pictures I just hope everyone is as forgetful as I am so if I don't remember the pictures I've posted I hope the readers don't remember that I've posted them before. :)

Deborah Godin said...

It's a gorgeous shot - and beauty is always good, and bears re-viewing. But I know what you mean about keeping track. I gave up early on trying to find a 'system' Now I just figure if I can't remember, maybe no one else will either...(smiley face)

don said...

A gorgeous autumn scene. I keep two folders on my computer's hard drive: Ready to Post and Posted.
After being burned with hard drive failure, I now also
have two outboard hard drives on which I record all posted pictures. I had two hard drives fail within two days of each other and lost many pictures! :-(

Barb said...

Your blog is always great, please don't worry IF we saw the pictures before. Keep on sharing with us! Beautiful Fall picture, I love the tractor sitting under the tree :>D!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

You really sound like you're trying to do a LOT all at once, Rose. I think you need to stop a minute and take a deep breath. ;-)

I agree with Barb that it's perfectly OK to post the same photo more than once!

However, I do store the photos I've posted in files that indicate they're used. That's NOT to say I'll never post something twice though. ;-)