Tuesday, February 19, 2008

These pictures were taken by my husband...it is the one and only time popcorn bloom happened during the 19 years I worked here. That is when all the trees bloom at the same time and every bloom opens at once....I had broken my leg and had on a walking cast so it was definitely too wet for me to get out in the orchard. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever in my life witnessed. And wonder will I ever see it again.

I set and looked trying to decide if I know which rows of trees these are--I think the row on the left is red delicious and the row on the right is yellow delicious. As long as I worked there and as many trees as I had to climb down out of, you would think they would each and everyone have a name.

I will try to change subjects now...think I have just been missing the place and I for sure miss my boss. He passed away last year after a long----I don't know the word. He had a major stroke and was never the same. It happened in 2001, he lost his ability to walk, talk, eat. Yet his face just glowed with happiness when we were all in the house at lunch and talking and laughing. When he was well, it was always very entertaining...

He always sat and told tales of his childhood, or else told stories on his own children. Or tales of when he was an insurance salesman. I would give anything to have recorded the conversations. He has made me laugh till I was literally sick from laughing so hard. His daughter-in-law and I can still get to laughing over tales he told us...and they were all true is what makes them even funnier.

Now, to what is currently happening....it's another cold, cold day here in the midwest....I don't think it got out of the 20's the entire day. Of course that is not cold compared to some. Knowing that does not make me appreciate it any more.

I did sew quite a bit today on the baby quilt tops. I should have had them done but kept getting detoured by little things. For one thing I paid to download Norton 360 to my computer last night. Nothing is ever simple for me and this computer...it literally took a couple hours to do it. And it was NOT that it was slow to download. At first would not accept my name, email, etc. Had to go back and start from scratch more than once. Then I had to un-install some things. You name it, it will happen to me.

Then today every time I got on it seemed like the connections were taking so long. So I would fool around and look...found one article that stated that it did not support the
Firefox browser...don't know what the heck that means exactly. Finally wrote the tech support and I think it means basically that I have to have internet explorer as my default web browser to get the live updates. I had never changed that. And I haven't done anything different really, but it seems to be working better tonight. So maybe it was ISP having problems....

Hopefully tomorrow I will have pictures of the finished tops to post....if nothing else happens.