Sunday, August 30, 2015


The other day as we came home from the heron viewing station, we came back through Paris, Illinois.  I managed to snap these pics...they are through the windshield...we were going slow of course.  This first is/was a corner business.  I honestly cannot remember if anything is there now or not.
Then on a block or two south of the business is the First Baptist Church.
I don't know if this was just a single dwelling at one time...I assume it was.  Now it has appartments...those are mailboxes on the front porch.
Then there was this place...I think a regular home but not positive.  I just love the looks of it.  All of these were taken within 4 or 5 blocks...I think that is a lot of turrets within that short distance. 
We made a quick run to stay with Tootie on Thursday, she had coughed all night long.  But went to school the next day.  We waited and brought her home with us Friday night.  Of course with school, she had to go back home today.
This is Rosie, her new puppy!  More of her tomorrow...if I don't forget.