Saturday, August 13, 2016

About quickly life can change...

The above photo was taken July 25th.

Today Roger is spending his 11th day in Neuro-critical care unit at a hospital in Indianapolis.  He had a mini-stroke on the night of July 28th.  He was in the hospital over-night and till the next evening.  They did a cat scan, EKG, did scans of his carotid artery and seen nothing.  They gave him an additional blood pressure medicine and Plavix.

August 2nd he had mowed the yard and did a few things around here, had a bite of supper, laid back in his recliner to snooze, I thought.  Then got up and went in the other room.  When he did not come back, I went to check on him and he was laying in bed and said his eyes hurt.  I am skipping parts, but ended up taking him to the emergency room within a few minutes.  I had them help me get him in and they told me to go to the ER waiting room till they called me back.

I no more than got the car parked and got inside and set down and they called me back to sign stuff, said it was serious and they were life-lining him to Indianapolis.  They would explain to me in the ER room...she just needed my signature to get things started.  He had a brain bleed/hemorrhage.  They intubated him in case he needed it on the way there.  They said it was easier to do there than in the helicopter.

It is soo long to go into details  but will give a few took two or three days to get the bleeding stopped.  He has had the breathing tube out for a few days now, and the feeding tube has been out a couple days.  He could move his left arm and leg all along, though for a day or so, not on command.  His right arm/hand and leg/foot did nothing for days.  But he is moving his right arm more and more.  And he moved his right foot/leg on command yesterday during therapy.

If they can get his blood pressure under control with oral meds, he will be moved to his own room.  And from there should only be days till he goes somewhere for rehab.  But they have been working on the blood pressure for days.  He does not sleep in the ICU room...has went for at least 3 days with only a short nap here and there. 

I may not respond to comments, but please keep him in your prayers.  I am so thankful for family, faithful friends, and blog buddies.  People he worked with and 'played' with have stood by him/us in this time of need, also.  I have no words to express my gratitude.