Monday, March 14, 2022

Remember this?

 Remember I was sewing bits of fabric from this little container to make 'crumb' blocks.  I did a better measurement of the container.  It is 5 1/4 inches long, and 3 1/4 inches  square otherwise.  Below are the what I have sewn so far...the little coral fabric in the upper right hand corner of the top block came from another container.

Here are two more--that pink strip across the top of the top block came from another container.

Two more:

can you believe there are still more?

And here are the last two:

That was 10 blocks from that little container, other than those scraps I mentioned.  And I have at least half enough pieced for half of another block...and still more in the container but they are all just sort of blah and I will be adding more colorful scraps from other containers.  This was just something to do to see how many I could get out the container. 

Also, all of the above blocks are bigger than 6 1/2 inches square.  I have not trimmed them down to size.  I was keeping my options open.  I might want to make them 9 1/2 inches square.  I have not decided for sure.  I don't necessarily think they are so is that I love sewing and I get so much enjoyment from sitting and sewing them together.

Remember I moved my sewing machines to a room of their own.  Well, I ordered another sewing table and moved one back to my dining room.  There are so many times when I am cooking or just waiting for something that I missed having one of them in here.  Plus, it sits in from of windows and so bright and light there.  I am so glad I did it.

So last week was very eventful.  I told about the flat tire.  I did not tell that earlier in the week when it rained and blew, I had water get in the basement again.  I checked before going to bed and all was okay, so I do not know just how it came about.  I had so much water to get up.  It is strange to have lived here all these years and did not have trouble till after Roger's stroke.  

We might have a little get in in this one corner, but nothing to really worry about.  Now I would be afraid to be gone when it really rains.  Though what I could do by being here is more than I know.   Those were the bad things.  

The good thing is my sewing table came.  It came in two boxes, each one very heavy.  I kind of walked them in. You know how you stand something heavy one on a corner and move the other corner forward.  Anyway, I got it put together.  It has the heavy 'k-legs' and I forget what wood the top is made of but it is heavy.  It may partly be the metal inserts in it.  Anyway,  I feel like my machine is safe in it.  All of my machines are close to 30 lbs each.  I would not feel they were safe on a lot of the sewing tables that are made.  Besides the fact that they would vibrate bad.

That is a long ramble....I am sorry to be that way.  I just could not think how to shorten it...even though I did leave out some details.
Below is a video I may have shared before.  It cracks me up.  You got to follow the conversation....