Monday, December 22, 2008

Bubbie and Yellowstone

Last night our local PBS station aired a show about Yellowstone National Park in the winter. I missed the first part of it, and was actually thinking about turning it off to go to bed early when something about it caught Bubbie's attention. He sat spellbound for about 15-20 minutes. He looked away for a second or two a couple times, but the rest was spent just as you see him here. When the show was finished, he got down.

The one picture bottom-center is just one of him on the back of my chair. Look at his poor little nose. It is gradually looking just a tad bit better and he is back to his normal self of just looking for something to get into part of the time. Last night he was tackling Shelby, trying to hide under a box--one of those folded ones you get for an item of clothing. You know the size--about 10 inches by 12 or 14 inches. He thinks if his head is hid, that you cannot see him.

It is sure good to see him acting normal...I told Roger and Rachel that it is going to be a desperate situation before I leave an animal overnight at the vets. The vet is a good vet, but it took Bubbie so long to trust us again. He has just the past week or so started coming and getting in bed with us. He still doesn't sit beside us as much as he used to, but he does occasionally.

Speaking of bed, remember Puss Puss aka The Princess and Cougar. The little one is the Princess. She now has the habit of waiting for me to come to bed, and then she has to get under the covers between Roger and me for 30 - 45 minutes, sometimes more than once a night, but always when I first go to bed. And she purrs so contentedly.
And Cougar has the habit of wanting out about 5:00 in the morning...he won't leave the mini-blinds alone in our room. Just anything to wake me up.