Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Princess...

We went this morn and met the kids half way to pick up our Lorelei...oh, she is changing in ways I cannot explain.  In other ways she is still the same Lorelei.  She only wants to come straight here...does not want to stop along the way...does not want to go anywhere once she is here.  I guess I should cherish these days that she is satisfied to just be here. 

Jackson, her little cousin had gotten her the jewelry and sent it home with us.  It had to be opened first thing...and she put it on.  But then we had gotten her a couple dress up outfits at the flea market...she took the jewelry off while she put one of those on, then put the jewelry back on.
I hurried and snapped a photo or two while she was willing.

We have played on the front porch with bubbles, and squirt guns while visiting with other family...and now I suppose we are in for the night.  She is playing with Papaw now...and I had a minute so thought I would just do a quick post.