Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Big Pine Creek

Click any photo to enlarge.I hate to see what this post turns out as. Everywhere I go I see that dreaded red x where photos are supposed to be. So while these appear now, I wonder if once I publish it if they will be there. If they are not, I am still just going to wait a while and see what happens.
The top two photos show a bridge over this creek--it is Big Pine Creek. When we used to take our daughters back and forth to Purdue University, we passed over this creek fairly often. Only on a well traveled road. Where we first saw it was right at the edge of a town called Attica, Indiana. It was way, way down in this gorge. We always wanted to investigate it farther, and hopefully fish it someday.
So last summer we decided to investigate farther, and found two or three places where we would have easy access to it. But this was one of the best views to be had of it. It definitely looks like a creek just waiting to be waded.

If life ever slows down, maybe we can try it later this summer. We sort of had plans to go fishing a while today, but last night our back door lock decided it would stay locked no matter what. So Roger has to get a new one and put in. I need a few other things from the store, so it doesn't look like we will be going anywhere very far from home.