Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cold critters

Though these were taken January 8th, everything is facing cold temps again.  It is 13ºF as I type this and part of the time the wind is just whistling.  I was up at 4:00ish this morn and it was howling then.  The snow we got has been blown and drifted till it is impossible to tell how much we actually got.  Bubby was just dying to be let out this morn....he was not out 5 minutes till he was demanding to be let in again.  And he came flying in....none of that sauntering in so slowly that he does a lot of times.

The toot is still here....our plans are to meet today.  I guess we will wait till up in the day a bit to see.  With the warm temps of the past two days our roads had melted, but were still wet so they will probably be a sheet of ice here in town.

It is sure going to be quiet when she leaves...she has giggled and giggled.  When there is nothing to laugh about, she makes up something.  And has such a deep belly laugh.  One night she discovered how it sounds different in the bathroom if you yell in there, so was in there yelling first Papaw and then Mamaw, and after each yell, she would just scream with laughter.  Roger was outside and said it sounded like we were torturing a child inside.  

Then we have a couple mystery games on our computers....the kind where you are to hunt for objects.  Wow, does she ever love them.  And some of them you have to figure out how things work and she is doing that.  Just growing so much.