Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just a touch of color in a green world

This week is flying by...the days come and go so quickly now. I sure notice the days getting shorter. My tomatoes are really slowing down. I made 4 quarts and 1 pint of juice on Monday...I think that brings me to a total of 16 quarts and 2 pints from our 20+ plants.

I am not going to have any bell peppers to freeze...don't get me wrong, there were peppers but with all the heat they would shrivel up while on the plant when they got up about 2 inches in diameter...maybe even before that. We did use a few even though they were not what would normally consider grown.

We have been having cool nights...last night when I went to bed Puss Puss was under the cover in my place and did not want to move. She had left just barely enough room till I could lay down--but I am sure that was by accident.

I am again attempting to get rid of some of the clutter here. I worked on that his afternoon and did get rid of some stuff. I saw other things I want to take to the auction house. We have a couple big items we are taking soon as the weather starts being cooler all the time. I think it will sell better then.

So we shall see how this progresses...every time I think I am going to get to make a good start, something happens.