Saturday, December 10, 2011

Feed them and they will come

I saw this single goldfinch day before yesterday and managed this capture....
also, the red-bellied woodpecker was here for a few seconds. He does not hang around long enough for me to take very many pics.
Shopping is nearer done than it just a bit more done yesterday. However, I am not doing anything on my quilt or anything else. I need to get refocused in that direction but having a hard time settling down to anything at all. I also need to sit down and make a grocery list...or start it...for what I will need for the Christmas dinner. It will be at Sarah's, but still we try to talk on the phone and make our list. We both do the cooking...

She and Lo both have colds right hoping they get over them soon. She put Lorelei to bed the other night, and had no more than got back to the living room when Lo started yelling, "Mommy, I need my Barbie! Mommy, I forgot Barbie...Mommy, I cannot sleep without Barbie!" Over and did not take Sarah ten seconds to find Barbie and take it to her, but she said she bet Lorelei yelled that 15 times.

Lorelei calls me once or twice and week and just talks and talks...and tries to show me stuff on the phone....I just cannot believe how fast she is growing up.