Friday, March 18, 2011

The day is done

A run through the strip pits showed things progressing nicely. Frogs were croaking, blackbirds were singing and the pheasants were out and about, though always at a distance. And tonight's sky was so beautiful.
I am not proud of any of these pics, but they at least give you a feel for what is out there...I only saw the single pair of swans. The last time I was out there there was at least a dozen on this pond. That is a beaver's home they are by in the photo...beavers are one thing I have not yet seen.
I saw this single Northern Harrier; this is the only shot I got of is a cropped portion of the original. I am hoping he stays the whole summer.
This is the only pheasant that was anyway near close enough for me to try to photograph, and it was running almost the entire time...I think he actually paused just a minute in the photo above.
It was overcast almost the entire day, with rain all and on. Not a steady downpour or anything like that. I was totally surprised when the sun popped out and the sky cleared.

I spent an hour or more of the day getting our printer installed on the new computer; I don't care what I do with a computer, it is never simple. I guess this could be expected...the printer is 6 years old so definitely needed different drivers, etc. Once I got them installed, I tried to print something and couldn't because one of the print cartridges was out of date. Always before I could over-ride that...but not this time. I had to stop and run to Walmart to get one...after that and after jumping through a couple more hoops, it now works fine.

Tomorrow is a new day...hopefully I will get more done than I did today.