Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A different sort of post from me....

Bury Me

Bury me beneath the weeping willow tree
And let the long roots cradle me.
Bury me 'neath the old, old trees
Where the robins and red birds sing
Where they build their nests in warmth of spring.
Bury me beside the waters of old Gap Creek
Where I can still hear the laughter of our youth.
Where I can hear our splashing throughout the week…
Where we played till the day was done.
Bury me beside that weathered old barn…
That one that sits up towards the holler
On my favorite place on earth.
I am not much of a writer of anything, poems for sure.  But have had this little one started forever.   I just moved it here to blogger a few days ago and have debated on publishing it or not...