Sunday, February 22, 2015

Strip pit sightings

We wanted to get out just a bit yesterday, but did not want to get too far off the beaten path so we ran through the strip pits.  The first things we saw were swans...always at a distance.  Still, they are fun to see.
Nest were the pheasants...only this single pheasant flew up, though.  And that took me by surprise.  So the picture is not sharp at all.  The rest always took off through the dried weeds and grass.
Next up to photograph were the geese--both Canada and White-fronted.  Oh, I could not tell from looking at these dhots.  But I am going by the ones that flew over plus their sounds.  And though you cannot see in this photo, there were a few swans there, too.  But only  a few....nothing like the numbers there the past couple of times.

The above photo shows only a small portion of the geese on the strip pit on this side. I did not even try to photo graph the rest of them as they were farther on down.  
Then this photo is on the south side of the years past we seldom saw anything on this one...oh, maybe a couple pairs of something.  But never in numbers like this.
And of course we saw hawks...Deb identified another shot like this as a rough-legged hawk.  I swear you would think this is the same shot, but if you right click, and click open in a new window, you will see they have different image numbers.

There also the usual Northern Harriers skimming over the ground.

I did cut out a dress for Lorelei yesterday.  It will have a you know how long it has been since I put a zipper in anything?  I cannot even remember the last time I did.  I am not sure if I will work on it today, but am hoping, too.  If it turns out half decent, I will show it on here sometime, but if it is a bust, I probably won't even mention it again.