Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I have been doing and a question for you....

So, I have been working now and then on this quilt top that is basically made of a lot of scraps left over from other projects.
Today, I have been getting the top sewn together...I still need to add the borders but other than that, it is done.
Roger thinks it is beautiful...and normally I would love the yellow...but I had it in my mind that gray would have looked good and I actually has a plaid homespun in gray that really looked good.  But I was afraid it might shrink more than the other fabrics so did not want to use it.

I could have bought a gray, but I was didn't want to buy any more fabric for this thing...I was trying to use up fabric.  (We won't talk about the fact that I did buy flannel for the backing.)  So, would you have bought more fabric or just used what you had?

For some reason, the photographs are sort of washed out...I have no idea why. 

On the way to Paris....

We decided to run to the Super Walmart in Paris...I did not ask to drive through the strip pits on the way...just thought we would go on and get our bit of shopping done.  Instead, half way through the drive there...we saw all these birds.

You cannot tell much from this photo, but there were snow geese, white-fronted geese, and regular Canadian geese.  We did a little detour to try to get closer to them....no luck.  Just slowed us down.  But still worth the effort.

So we go on and even though we didn't have a lot to get, it seemed to take forever before we headed home.  It had started to warm up a bit by then...we get back near the strip pits and we could see line after line of geese in the distance.  So Roger sped up...still did not get very close to them, but we could see some were actually going to the main big old strip pit.  So we cut through to them...we were at the one end of the strip pits, and down towards the other end, this is some of what we saw.

Again, snow geese, and even though they are the only ones that really show up, Roger was looking through his spotting scope and there were also the white-fronted geese and Canadian geese.  Plus, though there are none here in my photos, there were a few swans.
We were thrilled to see all of these...last year there were several snow geese and white fronted geese out there, but the snow geese were in an even worse place to view.

Maybe one day there will be as many of them as there used to be of the Canadian Geese...take a look at this old post from 2009.  I have not seen that many geese out there since then.  Be sure to click in enlarge the views.
Just have to leave you with this latest video of Simon's cat...