Monday, August 26, 2019

Old and falling apart...

Just a little photo...nothing to do with this post.

I just wonder how many of you struggle with getting older.   Do you accept it and go on and do the best you can do?  Do you struggle against it...or rage against it?  I must admit I have some of all the feelings.

Yesterday, Lorelei's dad came to borrow something of Roger's...while we were waiting for Roger I had him see if he could start the power is just easier to have him do it.  Somethings Roger thinks he can do and can.  Others he cannot.  Anyway, it started practically first pull.   Jeremy came for a chop saw, but went home with a bit more. A band saw rather than the chop saw...and acetylene torch and tanks.  Jeremy will use them and that is better than it setting there.

Anyway, got three sides of the house washed as well as the north side of the garage...the other sides could use washing, but they are nothing compared to the sides washed.    I was worn to a frazzle by the time I did them and Roger felt like he had to be out there, and I did need him to start the power washer a couple times.  And he helped with the hose, etc. But the real fun began when we were taking the hose off.  I cannot tell and do it justice...but for something so simple to get us both so worked up and worn to a was one of the times I raged against my age, against what my body is doing.  But eventually we got the hose lose, I got the hose wound up and Roger got the power washer put away.

Oh, I guess the photo looks like I feel and look....I have sure seen better days physically.  But I am still here....still moving.  And it feels so good to get something accomplished that has been worrying me in the back of my mind for such a long time.