Saturday, June 9, 2012

Waiting for Lorelei....

By the time you read this, she will be here. I am getting this ready to post beforehand, though, cause once she gets here we will be busy. I am betting she will want to play with playdoh or her bubbles first thing. She is growing so much...mentally and physically.

It has been quite a while since she has been here....I have no idea what she will think of the flowerbed. She usually notices stuff like that. And I also picked up a dollhouse at a yardsale...just like this one. When you press the phone, it sounds like a real phone ringing...and if you raise the lid to the potty, it sounds as if it flushes. It was like new...she has dollhouses at home and really likes them, so thought she would enjoy having one here.

We have been busy today...Roger did the yard even though it only needed it in spots. If it don't rain, it will be a long time before it needs it again. It is brittle to walk on. He also watered my new flowers for me while I tried to pick up and put up stuff inside. I do not know why we have got in this awful habit of piling stuff on the dining room table. I know part of the reason is we seldom eat at the table...from people I talk to it seems to be a common thing.

Lots of times we eat on the front porch, but if we are real weary, we might just sit in here and watch TV. Eating on the porch is one thing I really miss in the winter...

Well, the Belmont stakes will be starting here shortly. I am watching the pre-race part of the day. I just love to see the history and stories about the horses...was so sorry that I'll Have Another won't get a chance to race for the Triple Crown.