Sunday, October 11, 2015

Been fishing...

I just did something I never thought I would do, and that is put a picture of myself on my blog...oh, I have did one or two where I was with Lorelei but not a full out pic of me.

After we got all the leaks stopped...that is another story I don't want to go into...anyway, this past week we finally got to head to Shipshewana.  Every evening we went to the Ontario Dam and fished a while.  Both above the dam and down below.  Roger was below the dam fishing in the creek and catching one fish one after another, and I was fishing up above and not getting a single hit.  Till I put on a top water lure.  The second throw caught this Smallmouth!  We were catching and releasing...I caught one more small one, and had another hit, but I missed it.  Lost my lure, and that was the end of me catching any that night....

But isn't this a beautiful place to spend time?
We always go to this little restaurant in Howe, Indiana which is about 10 minutes from Shipshewana. (I just had to go on google earth and look up the name....The Gathering Place Restaurant is its name.) I there, there is the 'round table' that I assume is for the regulars that gather there for coffee and to visit.  I was half listening to some of them and talking to  Roger.  I heard this one guy mention someone coming to stay with them.  I did not catch the details of why...but part of what I had heard made me think they had people stay with first one family and then another.  I wondered was the person staying a itinerant preacher?  I couldn't think what else.

So, I really started listening when I heard him telling that it was Christmas and his grandma had knitted him a hat and mittens.  I took it as that was her standard gift to him.  So he went on to tell that it was Christmas morn and they were opening their gifts, and the gentleman staying with them was sitting off to the side just watching everyone.

He opened his mittens and looked over at the gentleman just sitting there.  He picked the other gift up from his grandma and knew that it was a hat.  So he took it to his grandmother and asked her if she minded him giving it to the gentleman staying with them.  Of course she told him to go ahead.

So he took it over to him, and gave it to him and wished him Merry Christmas.  He said the tears just started streaming down the man's face....who said it was the first Christmas present he had had in 7 years!