Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Post about blogging; totally unrelated to photo

This is from Cumberland Gap, Tennessee...it is the Regimental Headquarters for the 63 TN Vol In....what is bad is I did not notice or read the sign when I took the photo. I was just admiring the logs and windows, etc. I would love to own this place!

What I have been meaning to blog about for a long time is blogging. Specifically comments. I love getting comments, and I love leaving comments. But I don't always have time to do all I want to do. I may get behind for days, and then will have a day or two where I try to catch up on all the blogs I read/look at.

I like a variety of blogs...some I go to for friendship. Some I love for the photos. Then there are quilt blogs I visit for inspiration. A few are a combination of those listed above.

I have a favor to ask some of you...you can set how your comment form appears. It can come up as a full page, as a little pop up window, or embedded below the post. I definitely prefer for the comment form to be in the form of the little pop up window....that way I can still refer back to what I wanted to comment on. Specially if I get interrupted. How many times does the phone ring, or hubby ask me something, or Lorelei wants me, or a cat wants in...sometimes I get right back to the computer, others it may be hours.

Even the full page is not bad, because there is a link to click and at least see what was said in the post...

The one comment form that I really hate is the form that is embedded below the post. First I type the comment, then I have to choose what type of profile I have; then I hit submit. It disappears as if I'm done, but then if I happen to pause, it comes up again, this time with my name...then I hit submit again. Again it disappears, only to reappear with word verification.

What is more, with this type of comment form, I have to turn my 3rd party cookies on, which I normally keep turned off. Not to mention, I hate to think of how many times I have commented and thought I was done, only to discover that I had clicked to another page before the word verification came up. Therefore, I just wasted my time and that blog got one less comment than it would have.

I used to use word verification, then read a post by Betsy about how she has her comment form set...I forget just how she had hers set...but I set mine similar to hers. I turned off word verification and will probably never use it again. I do not accept anonymous comments, though I do have the option of rejecting or publishing them, I also have mine set to moderate any comment on a post older than a few days...

I know there are a lot of us that really have/or have had trouble with the embedded comment form...so if you want to change yours, and don't know how....it is under the settings tab on your blogger dashboard...click on the tab comments and go from there. I for one would really appreciate it.

I will probably still visit your blog, even if you don't...but it would really be a help if that is changed...