Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow on the way

According to the weatherman, more snow is on the way.  It should start snowing tomorrow and by the time it is over, we could have up to 8 inches. We had at least 3 inches of snow when we got up yesterday morn.  That after it raining ALL. DAY. LONG. on Saturday.  The main roads cleared off quickly, but the side roads were still a mess this morn when we headed to Terre Haute to go get my new glasses.

And when we got to the mall, the parking lot was mostly a sheet of ice.  Talk about walking with care...I really tried to be careful.  We made it in safely and by the time we came out, it had turned to slush.

Speaking of icy, Sarah said she almost fell when she was getting in her truck....she said Lorelei about died laughing! 
I think I am finally beginning to get back in the groove and feel like sewing again.  Almost afraid to say that.  Something is apt to happen to throw my off track again.  But it does feel good to be spending time in front of my sewing machine again.