Friday, October 25, 2019

Shhhhh--don't tell anybody

A year or two before Roger's stroke, I got a sewing machine to keep upstairs.   In the dining room.  Till I could look outside and see the sun when I sewed.  But I kept bring up stuff and adding more...I had all you see in these two photos stuffed in my dining room.  (To be honest, we seldom use it as a dining room these days.)    But still, when I get to working on stuff, it is a total mess.

So today was the day...

I had a bedroom I kept free of everything except a couple have to spread my quilt sandwich out to pin baste.  But since I can no longer get down on my knees, I decided to move everything in there.  I cannot begin to tell you the chore that was.

Roger was helping me move that tall shelving unit in the top is not heavy at all.  I had taken everything off and it was easy to carry.  I walked backwards till we got in there, and had Roger take his end around...and he started falling backwards and could not stop.  I have no idea why he fell...he knocked over a chair, knocked over the ironing board and my drying rack...he was not hurt.   He did not hit his was almost like he went down in slow motion. 

He sent the iron flying, along with everything I had sitting on the ironing board.  I was thankful the iron fell away from him and did not flip back and hit him on the head.  In the photo above, a couple things are still on the floor.  I was texting with my daughter and sent her pics as I was cleaning up the mess.  Let me reword that...I was picking stuff up off the floor.  A lot of stuff still needs to find a home.
In trying to get to Roger when he was falling I did this...
My little finger does not tip up that way normally.   I am not sure what I does not want to bend down when it is flipped up like that but I can bend it down and if  I keep my hand half closed it will stay better.  If I open my fingers out, it flips up right away,  It is hurting a little now, and the least bump gets a big OUCH from me.