Saturday, March 23, 2013

On the way home from Indianapolis...

There is something about this barn that I love.  A while back I tried to snag a photo of it on the way home from Sarah's.  This was the only one I managed to get.
Lorelei and her mom are here for the weekend.  I have a little story to tell about Lorelei.  I don't know why I haven't told it before now.  It is about her birthday party weekend.  A couple of Sarah and Jeremy's friends spent the night there and were there the day we celebrated her birthday.  I do not know what it is, but she always loves their friends.  I don't care it it is just a group of Jeremy's guy friends, she loves them.  And they are good to her...even the ones that are not married and don't have kids are very good with her.

Well, the day of her party, John was sitting at the dining room table...not eating, but I don't remember what he was doing.  And she was up there right beside him, talking to him...he was talking to her and not trying to ignor her or anything.  She looks up at him and asks, "Don't you have any friends of your own?"

The ones of us that heard it cracked up...and every time I have thought of it since, I crack up!
It has been a couple weeks since we have seen her and I swear, she seems to have grown by leaps and bounds.  It is as much her actions as actual growth.

It was warm enough till she got to play outside for an hour or two this evening.

But according to the weatherman that is not going to last.  It is supposed to start snowing tomorrow night and continue through Sunday...and 4 to 7 inches is predicted.  I am hoping they are wrong, but if they are right, I am going to try to get out for photos.