Monday, October 31, 2011

A little this and that...

Roger wanted to run by the place he hunts to see if the corn had been harvested, so I tagged along with my camera.  I wanted to run over to Green Valley to see if all the walnuts were gone, and to see what else we could see.  The first thing I saw was these Roger let me out and he ran on and parked.

I took their picture before they slid off the log into the water...I was strolling along the edge of the lake and came around  glanced up and look what was coming over the hill to greet me.

They came right on up to me, and I talked to them and they listened so intently.

I don't know if they belong to the farm that is near there...I have never seen them before so don't know what to think.

I went on the Rav and they followed right behind me...I was hoping I had some kind of treat left.  I carry dog treats for emergencies...and not the kind you think about.  But lucky me, I had some catfood that I had been going to take to a stray, starved to death kitty I had seen.

You talk about being spoiled, they knew I was getting it for them...they got right at my feet doing this light hissing talk while I got it open.
The dog treats for emergencies are not for a dog that is growling...thankfully I have not run into one of those before.  But I have ran into a dog or two that wanted to get in the car with me.  Actually, once at work there was a stray that came.  I thought it might belong to some visitors.  For some reason I was leaving at noon, and came in and it came running to meet me.  Well, I talked to it and gave it few friendly pats.  I opened the truck door to put my water jug in, and it hopped up and over on into the passenger seat.

I went around the truck to get it out, well, then it jumped behind the seat cause it thought I was going to sit there....I could get it out but could not get in the truck without it getting in with me.  Thankfully, I could get someone to hold it while I got in and got the door closed.  A treat would have been real handy right then.

Another time I stopped to take a picture, and here came a big old Great Dane...he wanted to get in the car so bad...I was lucky he didn't make it in ahead of me.  At that time, he probably weighted as much as me.....that was another time I wish I had had something to distract a dog.
Sarah and Lorelei came down this weekend...I wanted to get some photos but it didn't happen.  However, I have to share a happening that Sarah told me about.

One night last week, Lorelei was starting to stand up on the couch.  Sarah told her she needed to set down, and she did.  In a bit, she got on her hands and knees, and was playing around...kind of bouncing about.  I assumed she was watching TV, too...Sarah thought she would be fine and stepped into the computer room for a minute.  She stepped back to where she could see just in time to see Lorelei flying over the end of the couch....her little feet sticking up in the air.

She landed between the TV and end table...not really hurt, but crying cause it shook her up.  Well, my family has this horrible habit of laughing if we someone isn't seriously Sarah ran to get her but was laughing...she set down on the couch with Lorelei and Lorelei started laughing, too....and looked up at her mom and said something about 'like Humpty Dumpty, mommy?'

The thing of it is is she makes the connection...she has made comments before to me about Humpty Dumpty in relation to me almost falling and something else but I can't recall all the times or what they were about.

When they were leaving, Roger said something to her about having her own Humpty Dumpty moment and she said 'yeah.....'

I can think of her telling her mom the Humpty Dumpty line after her fall, and I will start laughing every time.