Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sepia Scenes

To join Mary the Teach and Sepia Scenes, click on the baby badge above. That's my first granddaughter Lorelei. (Pronounced with the long i sound on the end.)
We ran in to the hospital today to see the rained the whole way there and almost the whole way home. We took a little detour on the way home and the barn above is a drive-by shot. If you enlarge it you can see the puddles in the road. Water was everywhere...most creeks we crossed were almost to the flood stage, and any low places anywhere had water standing in them. The wind has been blowing so hard it almost sounds like a train...and yes, I did go look for a tornado.

Tomorrow the rain should be stopped. Let's hope that it is because the baby should get to go home then.

Lorelei Rose

The top was taken when she was about an hour old and the one below was taken today.
This is our first grandchild, a little girl born February 9--she is a joy to hold. She has not cried since her know, she cried when she entered the world but not since. If she is awake, she is wiggling and makes little noises that are soooo sweet. And her hands and arms have to be free. She sleeps with them above her head a big part of the time.

I am posting this for anyone that might try to access this blog and that doesn't know I did away with it for a week.... I am really regretting doing away with the original blog. Not sure when I will get back to regular posting...maybe sooner than I thought. I am finding that I did do most of the blogging I did in odd moments. But I may not be home very much for the next few days.