Friday, February 24, 2012

A new addition to what I normally see at the strip pits...

The other day we had to run to Wally World, and decided to run through the strip pits before coming home.
One of the first thing we noticed were the swans were in motion. This is just one group of many that we saw.

One of the next things I got to shoot was this pair of mallards...

and TA-DA--here we have my first photo of a coyote from there. I have seen one other but much too far away to photograph, and this one sure was in no mood to cooperate. He just stood till we paused for me to try to get a shot and he was off. I must say he was the most beautiful one I have ever seen.

Just on a little ways and on the other side of the road was this pheasant...he was the only one we saw.

And as we left the area, there was this deer...and two or three more had done crossed the road. This is shot through the front windshield and not very good...

We did see more deer, and then there were these crazy birds...not sure if they were the white fronted geese or some other waterbird...they fly so crazy I don't know what they are but I thought they looked too small to be the white fronted geese. They will take off in a group and it is as if they are saying 'Which way do we go, which way do we go?' They head one way and suddenly change directions.

Back in business--sort of

Before getting into anything else, thought you might enjoy a few pics of Lorelei...taken last weekend.
She has a little CD player that has its own CDs...she would put one in and got to one certain song and dance and dance. She always has her eyes closed or at least half closed.

She wore us out just watching, doing it over and over.

She even changed outfits for us.
Needless to say we had a ball....I cannot even think of all the cute stuff she has done recently....will try to sit down and write about that another time.
I made up my mind what computer to get last Friday...I checked to see if it was available in Terre Haute. It was. I did not want to run get it before we left to go see Lorelei....I knew I would want to fool with it too much. So, we went over there and had a nice visit. We came home late Sunday afternoon....just came straight home instead of going to Best is on the south end of Terre Haute and we just did not feel like going that far.

That evening I was glancing at the computer one last time....knowing we had to go to the south end of Terre Haute the next day and I would just pick it up then....I had not bothered to buy it on line...thinking I would get there and look around a bit...see it in person before I bought it. Well, I just happened to check availability...guess what? Right--it was no longer in the store here....but it was available in Indy where we had just been.

So, I got busy and ordered said it would be here by the 29th and I was thinking well, shoot....but then I remembered the desktop. I thought they had give me a date out way ahead like that and that it came sooner. Sure enough, this one came Tuesday I think it was. I have transferred most of my stuff...still have the music to go but sort of dread that part...not sure why.

I had trouble getting Netflix to work, but finally got it operating. Then last night I started to blog, and of course had trouble using IE, but installed Firefox and all is well with it. I should have just installed it to begin with I guess.
We had almost 60ยบ weather yesterday, but cold again today with a chance of snow flurries. Have heard howling winds this morn...I think it is only about the second time I have heard them this winter. So very strange. I don't think I have ever seen a winter this warm...will have to try to look into that.

Anyway, going to slowly try to get back to blogging...Lo and her mommy are coming this weekend if Lorelei is well enough. She started running a fever again a couple nights ago...and went to the doctor but he could not see anything wrong. Just figured it was a virus...but to bring her back if she don't get rid of it in two or three days.