Sunday, January 24, 2010

listen to Winter Closing In

I have been having a hard time blogging for one reason and another. Part of the time it is one thing, and part of it is I don't have many new pictures. But I found something to share today.

I was killing commercial time while watching the Saints and Vikings...Colts done won, BTW. Anyway, I google Tim Grimm every so often. Just to see if I have missed anything. Well, I ran across what is a new song for me. It so fits here and now...well, maybe not today since it was shirtsleeve weather, but it sure expresses what I have been feeling. It is a song I should have written. Even if you don't like the music, listen to the words.

I always think that a good song is one that I see a whole movie just in a few verses. I have featured Tim Grimm before, so hope you don't mind a new one from him.