Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Roger has been busy again...he has had this knife cut out for a while now...not sure if he had did any of the forge work with it or not. But he finished it for me the other day, and I just today took pictures.
I just cannot take photos that do them justice....I don't have lighting, other than the flash on my camera. But even if I did, I do not understand using you are left with these photos.
It sure fits my hand....feels just right. I don't know if I will ever have the nerve to take it and use it...some of his buddies have used theirs. But I have been know to lose things, so this may never leave the house. It is very close to being like Jeremy's--it is what I requested. I did have him make my sheath a bit different though.

Here, it has turned cold again....3-6" is in the forecast. I don't even know if I hope they are wrong or right. We had a very warm for January day yesterday and almost all the previous snow is gone. But it left one big ugly world behind. Everything just looks dirty and dingy. So maybe to be covering it with white would be a big improvement.

I have things I need to do and cannot seem to quit thinking about other things. I need to focus on more positive things but having trouble with it right now. I have cut a few strips of fabric to start another quilt top. Seems like every time I go down and actually get in the mood and start, something happens to call me away from the task. Then it is hard to get motivated to go back.
I also splurged on myself and bought The Awakening Land. It was a mini series on TV that aired in 1978 which is when we lived in Tennessee. Since watching the mini series, I have read the books by Conrad Richter that it was based on numerous times. (The Trees, The Fields, The Town, or they were all combined into one volume called The Awakening Land.) Anyway, one of the first things I did when we got Internet access was start searching for it on VHS/DVD, every so often, I would scour the Internet....just hoping to come across it. You just cannot imagine my surprise to do a search a few weeks ago and have it actually pop up.

Anyway, that is all from this corner of the world for now...