Friday, August 17, 2012

Our wild child....

The above was Lorelei's mode of transportation for a day or two at home...what that girl don't think of....

We were out for a drive today and came home to this little is Lorelei, pretending to be me while she talks on the phone. She talks so fast, you need to listen carefully and I still could not decipher some words. (Notice her bangs...they are a little shorter than planned because she moved while getting them cut)
So, we get a call from Sarah a bit ago...only it is Lorelei. And she wants us to come to her the dark...according to her, we can get in our car and turn our lights on and see to come. She talks to Papaw and tells him the same thing...then asks, Can you come tonight? He asks her how about tomorrow, and she is finally okay with that.

But, oh, how you would laugh if you could hear the conversation, and it is mostly Lorelei with her plans. Sarah and I were laughing so hard we could not catch our breath...and during the time of it, she dropped the phone and asked, "did that hurt, Mamaw?" Oh, I think I will have to spend a month remembering all she said.
I had been laughing off and on all day remembering when she was here, she had not had her hair combed....I think it was after her bath, but it might have been of the morn. She has long hair that gets tangled...and dreads getting it combed. Well, she was just ignoring and ignoring me when I told her to come sit down and let me comb it.

So I walk over and pick her up and swat her bottom twice and tell her to come to me when I tell her...and I go sit down and tell her to come on. She comes over to me, and places her fingers on either side of my face and tells me, "Mamaw, you are not supposed to spank me." I told her then she is supposed to listen to me....but oh, how I wanted to laugh.

I think it finally sunk in, that if she will come and be still and not jerk, that I can get her hair combed without it hurting.

Needless to say, a visit is in can you resist a voice like that.

From north of here...

This is a scene from our drive Sunday...I so love rural scenes like this. Do you notice the cow paths on the left side...don't you just love how cows will only take the direct route if it is easy.

Sometimes I think we could take a lesson from animals. If a cow has to climb to the top of the hill, she rambles around and around, gradually getting to the top....eating along the way. Sort of what we call stopping to smell the roses.

Of course if everyone behaved that way, we might not be sitting in our chairs at home conversing with people all over the world...may not even have been here had someone not cared enough to work against the odds to find medicines to cure and immunizations to prevent untimely deaths.

Still, I like to think that there is a time to enjoy the journey.
We had rain, glorious rain off and on all day. The weatherman said some in our area had as high as 2.82 inches. This time I don't doubt it being us. It was wonderful to hear the thunder and to see a bit of lightning, and to see big, huge mud puddles...and to feel it blowing in on the porches.