Monday, August 17, 2015

Unpredictable day

We got up to an overcast day...I thought, well, I cannot hang any laundry out.  And up in the morn, Roger decided to head to Terre Haute for some dry ice.  I had to get on line and find a place to get some...found it after the second call, though it was not crushed.  So looked a while longer to try to find it in crushed form, but no luck.

It had turned sunny by then, but I didn't know if it would last...but it did.  So, when we got back I hurried and did a load and hung them out.  Thinking I could just forget about them till late.  They had been out about an hour and seemed almost bone dry...I fooled a bit more and decided to run to the grocery.

Now, it is a good thing I can be there in 5 minutes, and was in and out in probably half an hour.  When I came out of the store, it had darkened up, the wind was blowing, and you could almost feel the rain in the air.  I did not speed on the way home but I sure wanted to.

 I hurried and brought my bags in, and ran back out to gather the clothes in...took them down to the dryer for a few minutes....I did not stay down there to pull them out...but came on back up and it was raining. But could now see the sun.  And that is what it did yesterday evening about this time.  I was so glad I  had hurried through the store...I just hate my clothes getting rained on.

That is about as adventuresome as it gets around here...and I am not complaining at all.