Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Blooms and other stuff....

I would hate to have to count the blooms on this bunch of Asiatic lilies...they are the gift that keeps on giving.  And isn't that bunch of violets just simply gorgeous?  I can never pull them up...I would not mind having a whole bed of them.

Looking down on the from the can also see shamrock to the side...I can pull those up, but I don't mind them growing either.  So I usually let them go a while.

Just a couple close-ups...

That is all from this lily, though I think I still have another color to bloom.  And if I can see my neighbor out, I am going to her house...she has some of the pretties, darkest Asiatic lilies I have ever seen.

I have not been accomplishing very much.  I worked on a couple cabinet drawers yesterday at one point, plus some shelves, and threw away quite a few things.  Things I am not proud of having.  I had probably 3 dozen little packets of Taco Bell sauce...our Taco Bell has been closed for over a year.  Why did I still have them?  Just one item in a bunch odds and ends.

Also yesterday, I was thinking about mowing the yard.  Not only does mowing the yard wear me out, but also having to worry about Roger.  He won't let me just go and mow...I can mow and take a break and mow some more.  It is actually good for me.  But he thinks he has to help, and I cannot relax when he is mowing.  Afraid of him falling, afraid of him having another stroke.  He had mowed the day he has his brain bleed so for him to get out mowing always strikes a note of fear for me.

Well, l had decided to wait till Thursday to mow, and who should appear later but Sarah and Lorelei, and Sarah mowed for me.  I hate for her to come after her day at work....she generally puts in long days,  and will put in almost a full day on a lot of Saturdays.  Still, I was so thankful.

Today has been a couple loads of rained so they dried in the dryer.  My washer and dryer are in the basement.  (You cannot believe how thankful I am to be able to go up and down the stairs on my feet.)  (I am not sure I will ever take being able to walk for granted again.)

Anyway, Roger has always saved his hunting magazines and gun magazines, plus some fishing magazines.  I have not been able to bring myself to throw them away till today.  He did not have a huge stack, because before his stroke, he had actually started trying to just keep those that had articles he might want to read again/or that showed how to do something.  Still there were more than I liked to carry up the steps...but I got them up and out on the porch and used a wheel barrow to take them to the garbage can...

And can we say 'Boxes!)  I told Roger I should open up a box store.  Literally sell boxes.  Used boxes.  I tend to always save shoe boxes or small boxes just in case I need to mail something.   Today I carried most of the ones I had saved up and out...for when I next break down boxes.  Which should happen in the not too distant future.

To finish up my day I sewed a few more 4-patches.

That is what is happening in my corner of the is it in yours?