Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sawtooth Star, Double 4-patch

The above photo is a cropped portion of the barn below.
Again, this is a barn in Tennessee...on one of the roads less traveled. I would say we were driving for 2 or 3 hours and maybe passed a dozen cars....if even that. Of course, it was a weekday and people were probably at work. Still, that is not many cars...specially if you consider all the area we covered.

And I keep forgetting to tell this little tidbit...we were way back in the hills. Now, almost all the roads we were on were paved...but a lot of them only had just enough room for one vehicle. If you are meeting someone, you have to look for a place to pull off to the side..

Anyway, picture a road like that, and green, green hills on either side. And we come across a couple guys working on a fence...we stopped to talk a minute. The one guy turns around and guess what? He has a Colts t-shirt on....Roger introduced himself to them, and they did the same...well, the one in the t-shirt was the son-in-law of the other guy...and that son-in-law was from Franklin, Indiana!

It just goes to show how small the world is. One time several years ago, one of my boss's daughters was in Switzerland...she got on a train and sat down beside someone. They realized they were both American. So they each inquired of the other about what state they were from. Imagine, both are from Indiana. Of course, the next question is...what city....and both answer oh, a small town you have never heard of....guess what...they were both from Rosedale (population 725 in 2010)...well, at least that is their mailing address. Just imagine meeting each other for the first time thousands of miles from home...across an ocean, in fact.