Monday, April 12, 2010

More houses from Attica

This is a turning the corner shot...I was pleasantly surprised with it being as good as it is.
We did go on down the block and stopped and I walked back and took these photos...
After taking a few of the house below. I think it looks like something from the North Pole with those steep, steep roofs.
Look at that trim, and if you don't enlarge any of them, enlarge this one and look at the door, I don't know if that was an old style of door or if it is one that has been made by a craftsman. I suggest enlarging all of them to see better, though.
Today has been one of those days around here. We have been talking about having a new furnace put in Roger called today. The guy came out and they are coming back tomorrow to put it in. They should be able to do it in one day. We both feel relief at having made the decision.

The guy from the heating/air conditioning place had no more than got gone when I noticed that our phone was not working. I got busy and called the phone company, and they told me it should be repaired by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. Again we were pleasantly was fixed within an hour or two.

Tonight I have spent most of the evening working on finding all the pictures of Roger's knives...and making resized copies and putting them in a folder all their own.

I still need to go down and get my quilt folded and put away till nothing happens to it tomorrow...I went down earlier to do it, but started quilting on it again. I have hardly touched it since the day I started quilting it, but did feel like I was getting 'in the zone' this afternoon.