Sunday, September 19, 2010

From the more ways than one

This was taken two or three nights ago...over in Illinois. I thought it appropriate since we are traveling for a couple or three days. We are going to see our older daughter graduate from her training on Tuesday. Then she will be home with us for a few days before heading out for her new position.

Traffic was not bad, yet we were both very tired when we checked into the hotel. We took a nap before going to find a bite to eat. Since eating, I have been playing with how this blog looks...not sure I am happy with it, but going to let it stay the way it is for a few days.
I got this pic from Sarah tonight...Lorelei and her friend Emily kicked back and relaxing for just a few minutes. According to Sarah, they had a blast.

I best get off here...too tired to have much to say.