Monday, July 26, 2010

Over in Illinois

I was running down a good sunset when I passed this place. I put on the brakes, took a couple minutes and shot these images.
I really would like to know the history of this has been empty a long time, by the looks of it. It kind of makes one sick at looks like it was well built.
There is still a grain bin that looks like it might possibly still being used. Other than that, the weeds seem to be taking over.
I even wondered had it been on fire on the backside, or is it full of asbestos...I don't think there is a single window left in it.

A couple beauties

This is from yesterday....Lorelei wanted in her crib. Then she would stick her feet or hands out and Sarah would grab them...and Lorelei would laugh so hard. She just screams with laughter and she still laughs so hard she has tears in her eyes at times. It is the simple things she thinks making faces at her....or if I jump like shes frightened me....

Later after we had eaten lunch...Lorelei was out of her high chair running around while we sat and talked. Well, she had on a little outfit and the bottoms kept falling down. She stopped all of a sudden and pulled them all the way down and stepped out of them...then she sat down and tried to pull of her top. Sarah had to help her with that, and then she ran through with such joy.
I have been very on and off with my blogging the past week or two. Well, after being away from bogging for two or three or four days, I came back to find I had missed this post by was almost like a visit home. In fact it made me pretty homesick...

I visit several blogs and even if I am away for two or three days, the ones I comment on regular, I always go back and see what I have missed, though I might not always comment on those missed. So, I leave Betsy's blog and go over to Carletta's Round the Bend blog...and that first glance lead me to this post that I had missed. Carletta talked about the cow bell in the photo, and that made me even more homesick...and led me to thinking about home.

We at one time had a milk cow, a jersey named Patsy. She always had a cowbell on....though why I am not sure. Patsy was almost always at the gate waiting when it was time for milking. And if she wasn't there, we just had to call for her to come..

Anyway, she always wore the cowbell...but every now and then it lost the clapper--you know the thing that clangs against the bell to make the noise. So, whenever we noticed it was missing, the bell would be taken off her and brought to the house to fix. I don't remember if she bawled when we left with it, but I do know that when it was fixed, all we had to do was take it to the pasture and ring the bell and she came least for a cow she was moving fast.

This is also the cow that was best friends with our horse, Old Bob...she bawled if we took him out of the pasture, and again if we brought him back, she would come to him. I think they were almost always in the close vicinity of each other, and you would see her 'washing' him...I never seen any other cow do I always took it as a sign of her affection for him. Some might think that is childhood fantasy, but I still think it to this day.