Sunday, June 17, 2007

The past two days have been rather hectic for me. Friday about noon the surgeon's office called and ask if my husband could come in about 1:50 instead of tomorrow. We jumped at the chance to get that over with. He is still on restrictions of no lifting or straining, but he does start therapy next week. After a couple sessions, he can begin to drive again.

Then, we celebrated Father's Day both Friday night and yesterday we have just sat around and relaxed. Friday evening our youngest daughter, Sarah and her husband came. We cooked steaks on the grill, had a salad and baked potato. I fixed two jello/cool whip desserts:

1 small box of either strawberry or lime jello in at least 2 quart bowl

Add 2/3 c. boiling water and stir at least 2 minutes till it is well dissolved.

Next add 2 c. ice cubes and stir till the jello starts to set. Remove the remainder of the ice cubes.

Use 8 to 12 oz of cool whip and blend together real well with wire whip.

Pour this into a graham pie crust and refrigerate!

This is one simple, quick refreshing dessert.

Yesterday we went to our other daughter's house in the evening. I had to run all over to find pork spareribs for this. I ended up having to run to Terre Haute to Kroger's. Came home and my husband put them on to boil. I fixed our late breakfast/early lunch. Then watched the ribs, and made baked beans and made a dip for the vegetables my husband cut up.

I boil the ribs until they are tender, then coat them in barbecue sauce and cook on the grill a few minutes. After I got them on the grill, I washed our car while my husband tended the ribs. By the time I got that done, it was time to take a shower head down to our daughter's house...they fixed hamburgers on the grill, and her MIL made a dessert.

My daughter and her husband were leaving for an Alaskan cruise today--and she took my camera with her! I feel naked without it...I can use my husband's point and shoot but I cannot get close-ups with it. At least not the quality that I can with my digital SLR.

I did start on the binding on my string quilt--still trying to think of a name that says it all. Not having much luck. A friend on the Quilts Your Way forum suggested Little Shop of Horrors and that fits it the best so far. There is not much good that can be said about the quality of this quilt, other than it will soon be finished. And it is colorful. It has pieces from material some of my dresses were made when I wash in school.

I am doing the binding totally by machine. I trimmed the quilt, and sewed the binding on the first time from the back. I am turning the other to the front and using one of the fancy stitches on the Viking to sew it down. I am doing the binding in sections and not mitering the corners--I think mitering the corners are easy--this is the first time I have every sewed a binding on in sections. So it is kind of scary to me.