Friday, April 12, 2019

NOT what I am doing

Since I am not working on much right at the present time, I thought I would show a couple things my daughter is working on...

She has all the blocks above made and has them set aside while she experiments with a design she made.

This doesn't show as good as in person in ways.  She is going to do it in a different colorway.  Right now she is trying to make up her mind to finish this one before she starts the new colorway. 


This is what I see lots of the time when I look down at my lap at night.  He thinks he owns me and that all I should be at his command.  He does bring a lot of joy.

I have no plans for the next few days.  I should sit and make a list of what needs to be done.  I never was one for making lists, except in my head.  That doesn't work too well any more, so I should start writing a physical list that I can check off.

I have so much I need to take care of...besides all I want to do.   I am slower than Christmas and cannot get used to that.   Have you slowed down as you have gotten older?  My mom did not slow down at my age.  She could get down in the floor to do things and get back up with ease.   It is a real struggle for me to get up, and I cannot get on my knees on a hard surface for love nor money.  So always have a pad to go under them.

I hope your weekend is a good one.